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Sonia Birocheau
Incarner un modèle progressiste : la professionnalisation de l'enseignement à Chicago (1890-1940)
The Making of the Professional Teacher in Progressive-Era Chicago
Éducation et savoirs en société
Using Chicago as a case study, this book provides a new historical analysis of Progressive-Era reforms to professionalize teaching and, to a lesser extent, the principalship.

Maira de Araujo Mamede, Julien Netter
Recherche et formation, n°87/2018
Former pour lutter contre les inégalités
Educating teachers to combat inequality
This collection of papers raises a central, yet quite unexplored question: how can teacher education train teachers to fight academic inequality? The contributions emphasize the need to consider context and real teaching practice in order to make schools fairer environments for all students.

Jean-Yves Bodergat, Richard Wittorski, Bernard Wentzel
Recherche et formation, n°93/2020
L'évaluation de la professionnalisation en formation
The evaluation of professionalisation in training
The aim of the texts gathered here is to study the way in which the evaluation of professionalisation in training systems is carried out, particularly in the field of teacher training.

Cédric Frétigné, Stéphanie Rubi

Ana Dias-Chiaruttini, Joaquim Dolz
Repères, n°68/2023-2
Nouveaux objets et nouveaux contextes d'enseignement de l'oral
New objects and new contexts in the teaching of oral language
Where do we stand with the teaching of oral language? This issue of Repères, devoted to new objects and new contexts in the teaching of oral language, aims to take stock of the progress made in this area, across countries, and through design research and the analysis of teaching practices.