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Alain Beitone, Géraldine Farges, Céline Granger, Frédérique Jarre, Pierre Périer, Hélène Buisson-Fenet, Olivier Rey
Le métier d'enseignant : une identité introuvable ?
What identity for the teaching profession ?
Entretiens Ferdinand Buisson
The "teaching world" is an object of long-standing social and political fantasy. This book both reviews sociological knowledge about the teaching world and provides concrete examples of the challenge of teachers' professional identity.

Michèle d'ell Angelo-Sauvage, Magali Gallezot
RDST, n°18/2018
Vie, vivant, biodiversité
Life, living, biodiversity
The 6 articles of RDST n°18 invite to question the coherence and the relevance of the curricular choices concerning the teaching of living and biodiversity in the light of the multiple stakes concerning them and contribute to better understand their apprehension by the teachers.

Claire Doquet, Jacques David
Repères, n°57/2018
Collecter, interpréter, enseigner l'écriture. Analyses linguistiques des écrits d'élèves
Collect, interpret, teach the writing. Linguistic analyses of student' papers
This issue of Repères is part of these perspectives and opens up to research with new dimensions for the analysis of student writings, in a dynamic of writing that always includes the process of putting into words.It describes the phenomena of putting into text, in order to understand the relationships between the production of forms and of meaning

Alain Kerlan, Myriam Lemonchois
Recherche et formation, n°86/2017
Projets artistiques et formation des enseignants
Artistic projects and teacher education
Today, art education involves an enlarged teaching community. We can wonder about the existence of a "training effect" related to the particularities of the devices that it introduces in the school, in particular on the teachers. This issue proposes to document and explore the impacts of arts projects on teacher education.

Laurence Bossy, Nathalie Duponchel, Rachel Gasparini, Véronique Montangerand, Salomé Prudot, Isabelle Ville, Hélène Buisson-Fenet, Olivier Rey
Entretiens Ferdinand Buisson

Fabienne Maillard
Revue française de pédagogie, n°198/2017
Regards croisés sur le baccalauréat professionnel
Diverse views on the vocational baccalaureate
Created in 1985, the vocational baccalaureate had to meet both the needs of companies and to reassert the worth of the vocational path. Now, the vocational baccalaureate is obtained by 3 out of 10 holders of the baccalaureate. Did it, in fact, change its image, status and public ?

Karine Bécu-Robinault, Christine Couture
RDST, n°17/2018
Chercheurs en didactique, enseignants et formateurs : perspectives et collaborations
Researchers, teachers and teacher-trainers in science and technology education : perspectives and collaborations
This file presents examples of collaborations involving researchers, teachers and teacher-trainers in different contexts of training and research. These contributions reflect the challenge of translating research results into didactics in practice.

Anne Barrère, Cédric Frétigné
Recherche et formation, n°85/2017
La revue Recherche & formation a 30 ans
The journal Recherche & formation is thirty
This special issue allows to rediscover the journal's main topics since its creation, through four major courses, three interviews and a reading report. Conceived and realized by the current scientific committee, it hopes to be the witness of the continuities and evolutions of its reflection.

Long Pham Quang, Vanessa Rémery
Recherche et formation, n°84/2017
Interactions tutorales et apprentissages en situation de travail : volume 2
Mentoring interactions and workplace learning
The contributions gathered in this double issue explore how the interactions between actors, whether they are "field" tutors, “school” tutors, referents, professional masters, apprentices, alternates, trainees, etc., constitute a privileged way to study learning processes in the workplace.

Isabelle Capron Puozzo
Revue française de pédagogie, n°197/2016
Les multiples facettes de la créativité dans l'apprentissage
The different facets of creativity in learning
Creativity in education is a topical issue that helps apply innovative teaching approaches while also developing the creative potential of pupils in the learning process. This issue presents several facets of creativity while contextualising the theoretical scope of training or teaching practices.

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