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Estelle Ferrarese
La fragilité du souci des autres
The fragility of concern for others
Adorno et le care
Adorno and care
Perspectives du care

Ninon Grangé, Frédéric Ramel
Le droit international selon Hans Kelsen
Hans Kelsen and International Law
Criminalités, responsabilités, normativités
Criminality, Responsibility, Normativity
La croisée des chemins
This book aims at introducing an aspect of the legal thought of Hans Kelsen, and more particularly its conception of International Law. The originality of this research results from the integration of two translations of under-studied texts of Kelsen concerning the International criminal justice during the creation of military tribunals post WWII.

Raffaele Carbone, Chantal Jaquet, Pierre-François Moreau
À la croisée des interprétations
At the Crossroads of Interpretations
La croisée des chemins
The relationship between Spinoza's and Malebranche's philosophies has rarely been approached head-on in a speculative comparison which explores both the ontology and theory of knowledge and ethics and politics. This book offers new research on this subject.

Louis Couturat, Michel Fichant
Logique, mathématiques, langue universelle
Logic, mathematics and universal language
Anthologie, 1893-1917
Anthology, 1893-1917
Bibliothèque idéale des sciences sociales
Logic, mathematics and universal language brings together thirty-nine articles written by Louis Couturat (1868-1914) on the philosophy of logic, mathematics and language.

Gweltaz Guyomarc'h, Stéphane Marchand
Aitia, n°7-2/2017
Études sur le De elementis de Galien
Studies on Galen's De elementis
The present papers focus on Galen's (129–ca. 216) treatise On the elements according to Hippocrates, probably written ca. 169, during his second stay in Rome.

Francesco Toto, Théophile Pénigaud, Emmanuel Renault
La reconnaissance avant la reconnaissance
The Recognition before Recognition
Archéologie d'une problématique moderne
Archaeology of a Modern Concept
La croisée des chemins

Saverio Ansaldi
Fureurs et mélancolie
Rage and melancholy
Philosophie, théologie et poésie à la Renaissance
Philosophy, theology and poetry in the Renaissance
La croisée des chemins

Pascale Molinier
Le care monde
The world of care
Trois essais de psychologie morale
Three essays in moral psychology
Perspectives du care
Why care work is so particularly fertile for moral questions? What can social psychology bring to reflection in ethics? In what way moral philosophy can renew the listening of psychologists? Can they change the way they understand the preoccupations of the ordinary world?

Jean-Paul Paccioni
Astérion, n°18/2018
Tetens et la philosophie transcendantale. Psychologie, philosophie transcendante et perfectibilité
Tetens and transcendental philosophy. Psychology, transcendent philosophy and perfectibility
This collection of texts is intended to correct a historical oversight. Johann Nikolaus Tetens (1736-1807) is an ignored thinker, yet he played a central philosophical role in eighteenth-century Germany. He developed the problem of the objectivity of knowledge before Kant and gave previously unknown opportunities to philosophical thought.

Pierre Crétois, Stéphanie Roza
Astérion, n°17/2017
De l'intérêt général
On General Interest
The notion of public interest, which has been widespreadly used in France in the eighteenth century, contains a foundamental polysemy: the debates about its definition are linked with the modern characterization of the State and its right.

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