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Jacques Martin, Jean-Baptiste Vuillerod
L'individu chez Hegel
Hegel's Philosophy of the Individual
La croisée des chemins

Claude Gautier
Voir et connaître la société
To See and To Know the Society
Regarder à distance dans les Lumières écossaises
Looking from a Distance into the Scottish Enlightments
La croisée des chemins

Alain Patrick Olivier, Maiwenn Roudaut, Hans-Christoph Schmidt am Busch
Nouvelles perspectives pour la reconnaissance
New Perspectives in Recognition Theory
Lectures et enquêtes
Readings and Investigations
La croisée des chemins
This volume introduces the reader to contemporary debates on recognition; examines the strength of the theories and arguments that shape these debates; analyzes the historical origins of the paradigm of recognition; and discusses the critical potential of recognition theories.

Jacques-Louis Lantoine, Pierre-François Moreau
L'intelligence de la pratique
The Intelligence of Practice
Le concept de disposition chez Spinoza
The Concept of Disposition in Spinoza
La croisée des chemins
Unlike traditional and contemporary approches of dispositions, the philosophy of Spinoza proposes a deterministic and actualist definition. This book highlights the originality of this definition and shows that the concept is crucial for the philosophy of practice and anthropology of Spinoza.

Dario Ippolito
L'esprit des droits
The Spirit of the Rights.
Montesquieu et le pouvoir de punir
Montesquieu and the Power to Punish.
La croisée des chemins
This book proposes a reflection on Montesquieu's political thought and the tension between the power to punish and individual rights. What does it mean to say that «it is on the goodness of criminal laws that the liberty of the subject principally depends»?

Sophie Aubert-Baillot
Aitia, n°8-2/2018
Quelques approches du philosophe stoïcien Lucius Annaeus Cornutus
A New Look at the Stoic Philosopher Lucius Annaeus Cornutus
The present papers are devoted to the Stoic Lucius Annaeus Cornutus (born about 10–20 A.D. and died after 65 A.D.), both a prominent figure in Antiquity, since he was the master of Persius and Lucan, and a quite obscure one today.

Pascal Sévérac
Astérion, n°19/2018
Spinoza : entre anthropologie et psychologie
anthropology, psychology, Spinoza, human nature, affects
What is this human nature that Spinoza talks about everywhere and that he does not define anywhere ? The reflections proposed in this file have been conducted both within the Spinozist philosophy, as questions of interpretation of the system, but also outside this philosophy, as questions about how it can be used today.

Guy Boistel
Cahiers d'histoire et de philosophie des sciences, n° 54
Observatoires et patrimoine astronomique français

Estelle Ferrarese
La fragilité du souci des autres
The fragility of concern for others
Adorno et le care
Adorno and care
Perspectives du care

Ninon Grangé, Frédéric Ramel
Le droit international selon Hans Kelsen
Hans Kelsen and International Law
Criminalités, responsabilités, normativités
Criminality, Responsibility, Normativity
La croisée des chemins
This book aims at introducing an aspect of the legal thought of Hans Kelsen, and more particularly its conception of International Law. The originality of this research results from the integration of two translations of under-studied texts of Kelsen concerning the International criminal justice during the creation of military tribunals post WWII.

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