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Guy Boistel
Cahiers d'histoire et de philosophie des sciences, n° 54
Observatoires et patrimoine astronomique français

Merce Izquierdo, Isabelle Kermen
RDST, n°15/2017
Connaissances professionnelles didactiques pour l'enseignement des sciences et des technologies
Didactical professional knowledge for sciences and technologies education
The aim, in this issue, is to make an inventory of French studies that deal with didactical knowledge involved by teachers at work when teaching sciences or technologies. The purpose is to describe this knowledge, characterize its development or promote it.

Étienne Ghys
Hors Collection
The purpose of this little book is to invite the reader on a mathematical promenade. We pay a visit to Hipparchus, Newton and Gauss, but also to many contemporary mathematicians. We play with a bit of algebra, topology, geometry, complex analysis, combinatorics, and computer science.

Laurence Maurines, Denise Orange-Ravachol
RDST, n°14/2016
Les sciences de la Terre et de l'Univers : spécificités et ouvertures
Earth and Universe sciences: particularities and further questioning paths
In what can the teaching and learning of the EUS (Earth and Universe sciences) be source of research for the didactics of the sciences? The issue is all the more necessary since the studies which relate to this science education field are few and for certain already ancient

Auteurs divers

Anaïs Albert, Clyde Plumauzille, Sylvain Ville
Tracés, n°32/2017
Déplacer les frontières du travail
Shifting the boundaries of work
The recent shifting of industrial capitalism in western societies has blurred the definition of work itself and its place in society.

Pierre Duhem
Bibliothèque idéale des sciences sociales
It took more than a century to The Aim and Structure of Physical Theory, the major work of Pierre Duhem in the philosophy of science, to become a classic.

Patricia Marzin, Isabelle Kermen
RDST, n°12/2015
L'expérimental en sciences, réel ou virtuel ?
Labwork in science, real or virtual?
The proposals included in this theme issue address the possible forms of empirical referent and the role of practical activities in science education learning. Another point study is the appropriation of the experimental approach by the students.

Vincent Borrelli, Jean-Luc Rullière
En cheminant avec Kakeya
Voyage au cœur des mathématiques
Hors Collection

Éric Bruillard, Vassilis Komis, Thérèse Laferrière
RDST, n°6/2012
TIC et apprentissage des sciences : promesses et usages

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