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Anne-Christel Zeiter, Thérèse Jeanneret
Dans la langue de l'autre
In the other's language
Se construire en couple mixte plurilingue

Anamaria Curea
Entre expression et expressivité : l'école linguistique de Genève de 1900 à 1940
The Linguistic School of Geneva from 1900 to 1940 : Between expression and expressivity
Charles Bally, Albert Sechehaye, Henri Frei
This conceptual reconstruction work inscribes itself in the history of linguistics, or, more precisely, in the history of the Geneva School of general linguistics. It brings new light on the identity of this school through the comparative study of the theories developed by Charles Bally, Albert Sechehaye and Henri Frei between 1900 and 1940.

Lire le compte rendu de l'ouvrage par Bauvarie Mounga Ndounkeu publié dans Lectures [En ligne], Les comptes rendus, 2015, mis en ligne le 21 décembre 2015 ou téléchargez ce compte rendu (PDF).

Robert Nicolaï
Signifier. Essai sur la mise en signification
Signifying. An essay on how meaning is ascribed
Parcours dans l'espace épistémique et dans l'espace communicationnel ordinaire
Trajectories in the areas of epistemology and ordinary communication

Valentina Bisconti
Le sens en partage
Sharing Meaning
Dictionnaires et théories du sens. XIXe – XXe siècles
Dictionnaires and Semantic Theories 19th- 20th centuries

Laure Sarda, Denis Vigier, Bernard Combettes
Connexion et indexation
Ces liens qui tissent le texte
This book brings together a range of scientific contributions whose aim is to offer an insight into various aspects of the research carried out in France in the past forty years around cohesion and coherence in texts.

Eleonora Santin, Laurence Foschia
L'épigramme dans tous ses états: épigraphiques, littéraires, historiques
The epigram in all its forms: epigraphic, literary and historical
Hors Collection
Travelling through time and space, the epigram — a short engraved poem that became a literary genre over time — came to stand at the intersection of epigraphy, archeology, literature and history. Standing at the very crossroad of these disciplines, this book intends to present its subject "dans tous ses états", that is to say in all its forms.

Christian Plantin
Dictionnaire de l'argumentation
Dictionary of Argumentation Terms
Une introduction aux études d'argumentation
An Introduction to Argumentation Studies
In the Dictionary, argumentation is presented simultaneously as a linguistic, social and critical activity, used both to explore and to justify issues arising in ordinary life, as well as theoretical and practical issues within specialised fields.

Alain Rouveret
Arguments minimalistes
Minimalist Arguments
Une présentation du Programme Minimaliste de Noam Chomsky
An introduction to Noam Chomsky's Minimalist Program

Tobias Scheer, Pierre Encrevé
Précis de structure syllabique
Accompagné d'un apparat critique

Jacqueline Léon
Histoire de l'automatisation des sciences du langage
History of the computerization of the language sciences
The book aims at studying the history of the mathematization computerization of the language sciences, in the wake of the first mathematization of the 1930s. Two stages can be distinguished : machine translation in the 1950s, and computerized corpora in the 1990s with the unprecedented development of computers.

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