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Recherche et formation, n°93/2020

L'évaluation de la professionnalisation en formation

Edited by Jean-Yves Bodergat, Richard Wittorski, Bernard Wentzel

Recherche et formation

The evaluation of professionalisation in training

The aim of the texts gathered here is to study the way in which the evaluation of professionalisation in training systems is carried out, particularly in the field of teacher training. This issue highlights the 'hidden sides' of this evaluation. These can be found in the way institutional evaluation is practised: what it does not reveal (the hidden side) and the counterproductive aspects it can generate (the dark side).

Conversely, it is possible to identify processes of professionalisation which are difficult to identify initially without the tools and methods of research (the unknown side) or which are sometimes produced by the very exercise of an evaluation unbeknownst to its promoters (the unexpected side).