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Atalaya, n°20/2020
Puellae doctae à la cour des Rois Catholiques (1470-1555) : éducation, littérature et mécénat
Puellae doctae at the Catholic Monarchs' Court (1470-1555): Education, Literature and Patronage
This dossier focuses on the wise women present at the court of the Catholic Monarchs in a period comprised between the birth of the firstborn of the sovereigns, Isabel, until the death of the oldest of their daughters, Juana I.The articles contained in this dossier focus mainly on their education from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Pierre-Louis Patoine
Corps/texte. Pour une théorie de la lecture empathique
Cooper, Danielewski, Frey, Palahniuk
Can we feel the pain of a character in a novel ? Immersed in a fiction, a reader may experience various somatosensory feelings. Such an experience of "empathic reading" is hardly conceivable through theories of interpretation that ignore the role of the biological body.

William Butcher
Jules Verne inédit : les manuscrits déchiffrés
Unexpurgated Jules Verne : The Lost Adventures
Métamorphoses du livre
The focus of this book is Jules Verne's manuscripts, in the perspective of exploring those sections of the most famous novels that did not see the light of day. This is the first volume ever written about the documents in Verne's hand which gave rise to The Extraordinary Journeys.

Katia Zakharia
À la découverte des textes de la littérature arabe classique
Discovering texts from classical Arab Literature

Livio Belloï, Maud Hagelstein
La mécanique du détail
Approches transversales

Catherine Volpilhac-Auger
Montesquieu : une histoire de temps
Montesquieu : a story of time
La croisée des chemins
Fifteen articles, several of which are unpublished, enable an overview of the complete works of Montesquieu in all their dimensions. What does the genesis of his works tell us? Rediscover Montesquieu in his time and in the long haul of history; revealed by the succession of readings, sometimes contradictory, which have been given.

Frédéric Regard, Robert Dion
Les nouvelles écritures biographiques
La biographie d'écrivain dans ses reformulations contemporaines

Jean Ehrard
Hors Collection
Montesquieu's voyage around Europe lasted from April 1728 to May 1731. This volume gathers together all that remains to us of his notes from the journey. Faithful to the original manuscripts and enriched with notes by specialists of the countries in question and art historians, the work refreshes and deepens our knowledge of these texts.

Catherine Volpilhac-Auger, Philip Stewart
Œuvres complètes de Montesquieu
19 - Correspondance, II
Hors Collection
These 288 letters span the period between Montesquieu's return from travelling and the completion of L'Esprit des lois. They evoke the Parisian literary and scientific scene, news of politics and wars, and, of course, Montesquieu's major works. The writer also reveals himself to be an attentive father and shrewd proprietor.

Jean-Marie Fournier, Sylvie Archaimbault, Valérie Raby

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