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Jules Verne inédit : les manuscrits déchiffrés

Métamorphoses du livre

Unexpurgated Jules Verne : The Lost Adventures

The hundreds of monographs, collections and biographies about the most famous French writer barely touch on the manuscripts of the novels. Benefiting from twenty years' research, the richly illustrated Unexpurgated Jules Verne: The Lost Adventures fills this amazing gap.

The deleted chapters and unpublished passages show Axel to be a great lover, Fogg a criminal, Aouda a goddess, Nemo a heroic figure, Strogoff an imperialist, in sum the authentic Verne, before the often harmful work of the editor and publisher, Jules Hetzel. Until now general readers and specialists alike have known an abridged, censored Verne, the flesh of his flesh dismembered.

After a century and a half's slumber, awaiting the lightest kiss, the original Extraordinary Journeys are finally exposed in all their immaculate beauty.