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Atalaya, n°20/2020

Puellae doctae à la cour des Rois Catholiques (1470-1555) : éducation, littérature et mécénat


Atalaya. Revue d'études médiévales romanes

Puellae doctae at the Catholic Monarchs' Court (1470-1555): Education, Literature and Patronage

This dossier focuses on the wise women present at the court of the Catholic Monarchs in a period comprised between the birth of the firstborn of the sovereigns, Isabel, until the death of the oldest of their daughters, Juana I, queen of Castile. These infantas, princesses and queens were political subjects, but also pupils of the best humanists, who educated them in their years of intellectual formation, patrons of the arts and promoters of literary works. On account of their marriages of state, the four daughters of Isabel and Fernando, that is, Isabel (1470-1498), Juana (1479-1555), María (1482-1517) and Catalina (1485-1536), established political but also artistic ties with the courts of Portugal, the Netherlands and England, where they were admired for their knowledge, and where they became not only a literary motif, but artistic promoters within the Humanism that cut across Europe. The articles contained in this dossier focus mainly on their education, the literature surrounding them and the artistic patronage of these exceptional women from a multidisciplinary perspective that combines Philology, History and Art History.