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Jean-Yves Bodergat, Richard Wittorski, Bernard Wentzel
Recherche et formation, n°93/2020
L'évaluation de la professionnalisation en formation
The evaluation of professionalisation in training
The aim of the texts gathered here is to study the way in which the evaluation of professionalisation in training systems is carried out, particularly in the field of teacher training.

Clémentine Gozlan
Les valeurs de la science
The values of science
Enquête sur les réformes de l'évaluation de la recherche en France
Survey of research evaluation reforms in France
Éducation et savoirs en société
Through an empirical survey based on interviews, archives and observation, his book presents the portrait of the academics who reform the standards of the scientific profession, within a new body of scientific evaluation, the AERES.