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Journal : Histoire de l'éducation

Founded in 1978, Histoire de l'Éducation is a peer-reviewed history journal dedicated to teaching and education in France and elsewhere. Two issues of miscellaneous contributions and two themed issues are published annually, and each issue consists of papers, scientific news, critical reviews, and reviews. It aims to publish the best research in the field of the history of education, to report on evolutions and debates in the field, to contribute to stimulating its scientific environment, and to promote study of the history of education that is in conformance with the methods and requirements of history scholarship. Histoire de l'Éducation is aimed at historians and researchers from other disciplines along with teachers, teacher trainers, and anyone who is looking to the history of education as one of the keys to understanding education's current problems.

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Anne Jusseaume, Sarah Scholl
Histoire de l'éducation, n°155/2021
Les transmissions religieuses face à la sécularisation
Religious Transmissions in the Secular Age
this special issue analyses the methods by which the various aspects of religious tradition and heritage are transmitted, in particular but not exclusively in Catholic milieus, by enlarging the perspective relative to educational institutions.

Rita Hofstetter, Solenn Huitric
Histoire de l'éducation, n°154/2020
Regards sur l'histoire de l'éducation, une perspective internationale
Looking at History of Education, an international perspective
History of education is a rich field of study whose outlines vary and retrospective analysis may contribute to strengthening critical thinking. The articles in this special issue work towards this by studying research in this field and its evolution in France, Spain, Britain, Portugal and the Baltic States.

Renaud (d') Enfert, Stéphane Lembré

Renaud (d') Enfert, Clémence Cardon-Quint

Jean-François Condette, Véronique Castagnet-Lars
Histoire de l'éducation, n°151/2019
Pour une histoire renouvelée des élèves (XVIe-XXe siècles). Volume 2 : sources et méthodes
A renewed history of students (16th – 20th centuries). Volume 2: sources and methods
Following on from Volume 150 dealing with five historiographical studies on pupils history, this issue offers five contributions that examine various questions related to archives, printed sources and statistical surveys and highlight the methodological dimensions of writing this specific History

Jean-François Condette, Véronique Castagnet-Lars
Histoire de l'éducation, n°150/2018
Pour une histoire renouvelée des élèves (XVIe-XXIe siècles). Volume 1 : approches historiographiques
Towards a renewed history of students (16th-21st Centuries). Volume 1: historiographical approaches
This issue proposes five historiographical approaches that put into perspective the evolution of research on student history in France, Italy, the Germanic world and the United States of America. Neglected for a long time, this school actor has been more studied nowadays in order to learn more about his characteristics, daily life and commitments.

Damiano Matasci, Mara Donato Di Paola
Histoire de l'éducation, n°149/2018
Humanités et citoyenneté. L'enseignement des lettres et des langues en France, en Suisse et en Belgique au XIXe siècle
Humanities and Citizenship. The Teaching of Humanities and Languages in France, Switzerland and Belgium in the Nineteenth Century
This special issue examines the evolution and metamorphosis of humanities and languages teaching in France, Switzerland and Belgium during the 19th century. Based on recent empirical research, the contributions allow us to compare and better understand the different responses given to these problems in several cultural and historical contexts

Chantal Verdeil
Histoire de l'éducation, n°148/2017
Histoire de l'éducation au Moyen-Orient de la fin du XIXe siècle à nos jours
History of Education in the Middle East (19th-20th century)
This special issue "History of education in the Middle East from the end of the 19th century to the present day" aims to present current research trends to scholars unfamiliar with this cultural area. It focuses on the contents taught in various institutions and on the vocational education.

Guy Lambert, Stéphane Lembré
Histoire de l'éducation, n°147/2017
Histoire de l'éducation, n° 147/2017
Les lieux de l'enseignement technique (XIXe-XXe siècles)
Technical education institutions (19th -20th centuries)
How do they integrate their remit of preparing students for the world of work? To provide a clear picture of their specificities, this issue discusses technical education institutions.

Yves Verneuil
Histoire de l'éducation, n°146/2016
Régler les carrières enseignantes : une histoire administrative et syndicale des conseils et commissions (XVIIe-XXe siècles) : volume 2
Managing teachers' careers: the history of administrative and trade union boards and commissions (17th – 20th century) : vol.2

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