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Chantal Delourme
Et une phrase…
Virginia Woolf, écrire dans l'entre-deux-guerres.
The work elaborates a thought of the Woolfian poetics whose plastic, moving articulation is the sentence, such as the English language designates it by the word "a phrase". The work is thus an essay of poetics that stands out from the biographical, historicizing approaches that dominate in Woolfian criticism. that make it an original work.

Arnaud Bernadet, Philippe Payen de la Garanderie
cultures, poétiques, anthropologie
cultures, poetics, anthropology
This collective book deals with literary translation, be it the very experience of translating or its theory. "Literature" is considered here as a critical expression of artistic worth and a specific view on languages, both of which reveal not only the formal but also the cultural and political stakes of translation.