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Le lycée professionnel : relégué et avant-gardiste ?

Le lycée professionnel : relégué et avant-gardiste ?

Entretiens Ferdinand Buisson

Vocational French High-School : relegated and avant-guarde ?

The vocational baccalaureate is celebrating its 30 years. Vocational secondary schools, recently reformed, welcome 1/3 of the students even if they are unknowned for most of the « educated » people. Vocational curriculum remains a default solution, often seen as a way to school or social relegation. . Yet, most of the "democratization" of bachelor the last thirty years relied on the progress of vocational students.

How do teachers manage to teach to students marked by past failures and a troubles with schooling ? In what way kwnoledge and learning are affected ? What is the role of the vocational curriculum throughout secondary education? What are the current and possible changes in context of current social evolutions ?

The papers offer a full and diversified view of the key issues. First, they combine sociological and didactic approaches, pointing as well issues of labor market and vocational courses relationships as issues concerning disciplinary and professional subjects. Secondly, they provide practictionners approaches that bring a human dimension to the issues raised and restore the complexity of vocational curriculum.

The roundtrip between theoretical approaches and practical examples are numerous and relevant. They allow this book to draw a rigorous but extremely picture of the crucial and unrecognized universe of vocational schools.

Xavier Sido
lien IdRef : 193088258