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Journal : Aitia. Regards sur la culture hellénistique au XXIe siècle
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Christophe Cusset
Aitia, 11.2/2021
Visualizing the Iliad
Visualiser l'Iliade
The aim of the papers brought together in this volume is to show how the Homeric text and the figurative representations can be complementary to each other, and how they shed light on each other.We have tried to take into consideration the different modes of representation, giving a preponderant place to figurative,pictorial or sculptural represent

Christophe Cusset
Aitia, 11-1/2021
Recherches sur Hérodas/Hérondas
Research on Herodas
The work of Herodas, which emphasizes a learned culture, the crossing of genres and brevity, is at the heart of Hellenistic aesthetics. This volume brings together several articles which aim to highlight certain specific characteristics of the art of this poet, who has been rediscovered relatively recently

Dimitri El Murr, Laurent Lavaud, Jean Trinquier
Aitia, n° 10/2020
Le De rerum natura de Lucrèce : perspectives philosophiques

Isabelle Boehm, Christophe Cusset, Emmanuelle Morel
Aitia, n°9-2/2019
Aitia, n° 9-2/2019
Approches linguistiques d'Apollonios de Rhodes
Linguistic approaches of Apollonius Rhodius
This issue of the Aitia-journal collects the proceedings of an unprecedented workshop on the language of Apollonius of Rhodes. If the Alexandrian literature knew a revival of interest for a few decades, the attention which one paid to the language used by the Alexandrian poets remains still very weak. Here is asked the question of linguistic study

Jérôme Bastick, Christophe Cusset, Claire Vieilleville
Aitia, n°9-1/2019
Le bouvier dans la poésie hellénistique et le roman grec
Cowherds in Hellenistic Poetry and Greek Novel

Sophie Aubert-Baillot
Aitia, n°8-2/2018
Quelques approches du philosophe stoïcien Lucius Annaeus Cornutus
A New Look at the Stoic Philosopher Lucius Annaeus Cornutus
The present papers are devoted to the Stoic Lucius Annaeus Cornutus (born about 10–20 A.D. and died after 65 A.D.), both a prominent figure in Antiquity, since he was the master of Persius and Lucan, and a quite obscure one today.

Jerzy Danielewicz, Jan Kwapisz
Aitia, n°8-1/2018
Hellenistica Posnaniensia: Aspects du lyrisme hellénistique
Hellenistica Posnaniensia: Faces of Hellenistic Lyric
The wide and varied thematic nature of the collected papers is ranging from detailed studies of individual works or authors to more general aspects, such as contrasting twists of the stanza in post-classical lyric.

Gweltaz Guyomarc'h, Stéphane Marchand
Aitia, n°7-2/2017
Études sur le De elementis de Galien
Studies on Galen's De elementis
The present papers focus on Galen's (129–ca. 216) treatise On the elements according to Hippocrates, probably written ca. 169, during his second stay in Rome.

Andrew Faulkener
Aitia, n°7-1/2017
Tradition et nouveauté à l'époque hellénistique
Tradition and innovation in the Hellenistic period
The papers in this issue explore the themes of novelty and tradition among Hellenistic authors from different points of view, as well as the reception of Hellenistic literature and art as a symbol of novelty, during the imperial era.

Christophe Cusset, Adele Teresa Cozzoli
Aitia, n°6/2016
Recherches sur l'epyllion à l'époque hellénistique et au-delà
Research on epyllion in the Hellenistic period and beyond

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