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Virginie Hollard, Romain Meltz
Astérion, n°29/2023
A Semantic History of Politics. Studies about res publica
Pour une histoire sémantique du politique. Études sur la res publica
This feature extends the contributions of Claudia Moatti's book Res publica. Histoire romaine de la chose publique which offers another way of looking at an ancient political concept.To study the question of the relationship between language and the practice and to examine the way in which the concept of res publica has been received by posterity.

Ludovic Frobert
Vers l'égalité, ou au-delà ?
Towards equality or beyond?
Essai sur l'aube du socialisme
Essay on the dawn of socialism
Gouvernement en question(s)
Today when the objective of a rigorous calculation of merits, renamed equal opportunity or equity, has become not only the dominant value but sometimes the unique value of a dying socialism, it may be appropriate to carry out A journey through time. This short essay therefore proposes a return to the origins of socialism.