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Nathalie Zimpfer
Mary Wollstonecraft : aux origines du féminisme politique et social en Angleterre
Mary Wollstonecraft : the Beginnings of political and social Feminism in England
Les fondamentaux du féminisme anglo-saxon
Mary Wollstonecraft: the Beginnings of political and social Feminism is aimed at a non-specialized French readership. It offers a synthesis of the thought of Wollstonecraft, who is widely regarded as the "mother of Anglo-American feminism" as well as translated excerpts from her works.

Sarah Mazouz
La République et ses autres
The Republic and Her Others
Politiques de l'altérité dans la France des années 2000
French Politics of Alterity Since 2000
Gouvernement en question(s)

Adrien Chassain, Pauline Clochec, Gilles Guilhem Couffignal, Chloé Le Meur, Marc Lenormand, Marine Trégan
Tracés, n°30/2016
L'expérience minoritaire
The minority experience
Calling on the notion of experience to approach minority groups aims at keeping at bay any assumption of passivity regarding minority groups. . The authors collected the material for their research on minority groups through semi-structured interviews, through ethnographical surveys, in judicial archives.