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Sophie Audidière, Antoine Janvier
« Il faut éduquer les enfants… »
"Children have to be educated…"
L'idéologie de l'éducation en question
Questioning the ideology of education
La croisée des chemins
The sentence "children have to be educated…" seems all at once like a foregone conclusion, an injunction and an ideal. It seems obvious to adhere to what seems to be an anthropological invari-ant. However, this work proposes another perspective based on philosophical and historical studies of two major periods.

Georges Liénard, Émile Servais, Stéphane Bonnery
Capital culturel et inégalités sociales
Cultural capital and social inequalities.
Morales de classes et destinées sociales
Class morals and social destinies
Bibliothèque idéale des sciences sociales
The (re)publication in the Bibliothèque Idéale des Sciences Sociales (Bi2S) of the work of Georges Liénard and Émile Servais finally brings to the attention of the scientific community an unjustly unknown investigation.The new preface by Stéphane Bonnéry, underline its precursory character for the sociology of education and children.

Annette Lareau, Sylvie Octobre, Kevin Diter, Régine Sirota
Enfances inégales
Unequal Childhoods
Classe, race et vie de famille
Class, Race, and Family Life
Sociétés, Espaces, Temps
Finally available in French, Annette Lareau's book Unequal Childhood is a major work in the American social sciences, situated at the intersection of the sociology of the family, childhood, education and social stratification. Original both in its method and its approach, it reveals the various mechanisms by which social inequalities are formed.

Michaël Pouteyo, Michel Chauvière
Fernand Deligny, enfant et institution
Fernand Deligny, child and institution
Pour une histoire de l'enfance en marge
A history of childhood on the margins
La croisée des chemins
While the 19th century put children in school, the first half of the 20th focused on those who didn't go. By examining the trajectory and work of Fernand Deligny (1913-1996), schoolteacher, educator and writer, this book aims to redraw this history. this philosophical investigation aims to better situate Deligny's place.