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Hugues Draelants, Laetitia Progin, Annie Feyfant, Dominique Didier-Viforel, Éric Eberlin, Rémi Voisin, Hélène Buisson-Fenet, Olivier Rey
L'autonomie de l'établissement, avec ou contre les enseignants ?
School autonomy, with or against the teachers ?
Entretiens Ferdinand Buisson
In France, debates on this subject alternately put autonomy as a weapon "against" teachers or as a means of "unlocking" them. By comparing reviews and experiences, this book proposes some operational approaches to foster interactions between academic research and professional practice on this critical issue.

Éliane Rothier-Bautzer
Recherche et formation, n°76/2014
Care and Health professions
Care et professions de santé
This issue shows how health professions, and more exactly the nursing profession, is a paradigmatic example of difficulties to identify the role played by care in connection with the curative or technical work, on the boundaries of the health, educational and social activities.

Violaine Anger
"Sonate, que me veux-tu ?"
"Sonate, what do you mean to me ?"
Pour penser une histoire du signe
Elements to a history of the sign
How can a music signify without text ? Instead of having a definite perspective, the book reconstructs the debates that happened. It elaborates families of thought and integrates the problem of the performer. Thus it opens the way to a comparative analysis of the styles, in their relation to an anthropology.