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Victoria Aranda Arribas, Emilio Blanco
Atalaya, n°21/2021
Le roman en vers dans l'Espagne moderne
Verse novel in Spain in the Modern Age
The novel in verse has had little success in modern times in the Hispanic area. Perhaps for this reason, critics have not given much attention to this particular narrative genre. This monographic issue seeks to fill this gap by focusing with interest on two of the great representatives of this literary form in Spain.

Audrey Rieber
L'art avant l'art
Art before Art
Le paradigme préhistorique
The Prehistoric Paradigm
Tohu Bohu

Cédric Frétigné, Stéphanie Rubi

Marie Morelle, Frédéric Le Marcis
L'Afrique en prisons
Africa in prisons
Sociétés, Espaces, Temps
the French-speaking social sciences have remained singularly silent on prison issues in Africa. This volume aims to fill this gap based on ethnographic research conducted in ten countries of the continent. Breaking with the archetypal images, this book offers a nuanced reading of the prison experience articulated to representations of justice.

Aurélie Fillod-Chabaud
Au nom du père
In the Name of the Father
Sociologie des mobilisations de pères séparés
Sociology of Mobilisations of Separated Fathers
Gouvernement en question(s)
"Parental equality", "sexist justice!". Regularly, men perch on top of monuments to hold up, for a few hours, signs displaying these slogans. This book, proposes an analysis of the mobilizations of separated fathers, in a comparative perspective (France-Quebec) for an academic, associative and activist public.

Françoise Laot
Histoire de l'éducation, n°156/2021
L'éducation des femmes adultes au XXe siècle, travailleuses, épouses et mères, citoyennes
Adult Women's Education in the 20th Century, workers women, spouses and mothers, citizens
At the crossroads of the history of the education of adults and the history of women and gender, this issue focuses on adult women's education, notably aiming at women from working-class backgrounds, in various national and temporal contexts in the whole 20th century.

Chloé Gaboriaux, Rachele Raus, Cécile Robert, Stefano Vicari
Mots. Les langages du politique, n°128/2022
Le multilinguisme dans les organisations internationales
Multilingualism in international organisations
The choice of multilingualism in international organisations involves constant - and costly - translation and interpreting work, the political repercussions of which are still too often underestimated. This dossier aims to shed light on the political repercussions of this work, from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Anissa Belhadjin, Marie-France Bishop
Repères, n°64/2021
Lire des œuvres en extraits, quels enjeux pour l'enseignement de la littérature ?
Reading works of literature in the form of extracts, what are the implications for literature teaching?
Based on the observation that extracts have implications for the teaching of literature and the selection of works for study in schools, this dossier seeks to ascertain the relationships which are established between a work and extracts from it. These different articles, we discover how extracts reveal the challenges involved in teaching literature

Maira Mamede, Julien Netter
Revue française de pédagogie, n°213/2021
Les enfants parlent de la classe
How children talk about the classroom
When adults talk about the classroom, they impose a way of perceiving it, of interpreting it. But what happens when children talk about the classroom? The three articles which comprise this issue report on recent studies which, adopting different approaches, collect children's statements about the classroom using original methods.

Pierre Janin, Natalia La Valle, Anne Lhuissier, Thomas Ribémont
Tracés, n°41/2021
Batailles de la faim
Battles of hunger
Hunger is a constructed phenomenon, inherent to human societies, whatever the level of available resources, political regimes, or governance. here highlight the lived experiences, practices and standards. With this Tracés issue, we hope to provide knowledge and insights that will contribute to making hunger a public problem and food a common good.

Ophélie Rillon, Michelle Zancarini-Fournel
Le genre de la lutte
Gender of struggle
Une autre histoire du Mali contemporain (1956-1991)
Another history of contemporary Mali (1956-1991)
Perspectives genre
the book offers a novel analysis of the gendered dynamics that permeate the forms of collective action and the way in which commitment contributes to changing gender relations in contemporary Mali. From decolonisation in 1960 to 1991 revolution, four decades of social and political struggles have shaped the country's highly non-consensual history.

Amina Damerdji, Anthony Pecqueux, Matthieu Renault
Tracés, n°40/2021
Matières vivantes
Living Matter
This issue of Tracés seeks to promote scientific approaches in the social sciences that aim to rematerialize their objects, to give life to matter, which is all too often considered inert, and to re-examine the relationships between human and non-human worlds, beyond dichotomies.

Dominique Demange
Astérion, n°25/2021
Philosophies de la vision
Philosophies of vision
This issue is devoted to the study of the question of sensory (ocular) vision in the philosophical tradition from Plato to recent theories on Artificial Intelligence.

Marine Bedon, Jacques-Louis Lantoine
L'homme et la brute au XVIIe siècle
Human and brute in 17th century.
Une éthique animale à l'âge classique ?
An animal ethics in early modern philosophy?
La croisée des chemins
The book questions the representations, debates and arguments supported by the authors of the 17th century about the relationship between men and beasts, also called "brutes" at that time. No animal ethics appears in their writings, but this absence cannot be related to the mere expression of irrational prejudices.

Laura Marzi
Raconter le care ?
Telling care stories?
À propos de L'homme ralenti de John M. Coetzee
About John M. Coetzee's novel "Slow Man"
Perspectives du care

Jean-Louis Fournel, Matteo Palumbo
This special issue, which is intended as an advisory report, analyses the up-heavals brought about in Italian universities by the Covid-19 pandemic, both in educational relationships and in the impact of distance from the space which is usually a hub for university life and the transmission of knowledge.

Jean-Baptiste Vuillerod
La naissance de l'anti-hégélianisme
The Birth of Anti-Hegelianism
Louis Althusser et Michel Foucault, lecteurs de Hegel
Louis Althusser and Michel Foucault, readers of Hegel
La croisée des chemins
Against a simplistic view of Louis Althusser's and Michel Foucault’s anti-Hegelianism during the 1960s, the book goes through the early works of these philosophers to shed a light on the importance of Hegel for the elaboration of their problematic. the book aims to explain how they elaborated their thought by an immanent critique of Hegelianism.

Sandrine Alexandre
Philosophie du tir à l'arc
Essai sur la conception stoïcienne de la valeur
La croisée des chemins

This issue is composed of varia articles and book reviews.

Jean-Marie Boilevin, Patrice Venturini
RDST, n°23/2021
État des recherches sur la formation des enseignants de sciences et de technologies
State of research on science and technology teacher education
No one disputes the need today for lifelong learning to cope with the quick changes in our societies and their ever-increasing complexity. Science and technology teachers are no exception to this, and their training partly conditions the gration of their pupils into the society in which they will live. This issue is devoted to this aspect.

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