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Ninon Grangé, Frédéric Ramel
Le droit international selon Hans Kelsen
Hans Kelsen and International Law
Criminalités, responsabilités, normativités
Criminality, Responsibility, Normativity
La croisée des chemins
This book aims at introducing an aspect of the legal thought of Hans Kelsen, and more particularly its conception of International Law. The originality of this research results from the integration of two translations of under-studied texts of Kelsen concerning the International criminal justice during the creation of military tribunals post WWII.

Estelle Ferrarese
La fragilité du souci des autres
The fragility of concern for others
Adorno et le care
Adorno and care
Perspectives du care

Roland Goigoux
Revue française de pédagogie, n°196/2016
Apprendre à lire et à écrire au cours préparatoire : enseignements d'une recherche collective
Learning to read and write in first grade: The lessons of a collective research project
Roland Goigoux directed a large-scale research to study the influence of teaching practices in reading and writing on the quality of learning in the first year of primary school. 2,500 students in 131 classrooms participated in the study. In addition to the final report published online, five original contributions are presented in this issue.

David McKitterick
Textes imprimés et textes manuscrits
Print, Manuscript and the Search for Order, 1450-1830.
La quête de l'ordre. 1450-1830
Métamorphoses du livre
This book re-examines fundamental aspects of what has been widely termed the printing revolution of the early modern period.

Rolando Minuti
Œuvres complètes de Montesquieu
17 - Extraits et notes de lecture, II
Hors Collection

Émilie Devriendt, Michèle Monte, Marion Sandré
Mots. Les langages du politique, n°116/2018
Dire ou ne pas dire la « race » en France aujourd'hui
The R-word: talking/not talking about race in France today
The use of "race", which spans labelling and identification processes, is debated in France today, whether the term race is used or when the concept is activated. This dossier examines the derms of the debate and analyses how “race” is being talked about or not in some political or media discourses.

Auteurs divers

Sylvain Brunier
Le bonheur dans la modernité
Happiness in modernity
Conseillers agricoles et agriculteurs (1945-1985)
Agricultural advisers and famers in France (1945-1985)
Gouvernement en question(s)
The book proposes to study the professional group of agricultural advisers in order to renew the social and political history of the modernization of French agriculture during the "Trente glorieuses".

Bertrand Daunay, Nathalie Denizot
Repères, n°56/2017
L'exercice de français au primaire et au collège
The Exercises in Primary and Lower Secondary Education
This issue of Repères aims a better understanding of what is meant by exercice in the French tongue classroom, in primary and lower secondary education. More precisely, the matter is to identify what can be the didactic approach to the exercise, which can not be treated independently of the involved contents.

Raffaele Carbone, Chantal Jaquet, Pierre-François Moreau
À la croisée des interprétations
At the Crossroads of Interpretations
La croisée des chemins
The relationship between Spinoza's and Malebranche's philosophies has rarely been approached head-on in a speculative comparison which explores both the ontology and theory of knowledge and ethics and politics. This book offers new research on this subject.

Louis Couturat, Michel Fichant
Logique, mathématiques, langue universelle
Logic, mathematics and universal language
Anthologie, 1893-1917
Anthology, 1893-1917
Bibliothèque idéale des sciences sociales
Logic, mathematics and universal language brings together thirty-nine articles written by Louis Couturat (1868-1914) on the philosophy of logic, mathematics and language.

Long Pham Quang, Vanessa Rémery
Recherche et formation, n°83/2016
Interactions tutorales et apprentissages en situation de travail : volume 1
Mentoring interactions and workplace learning
The contributions gathered in this double issue explore how the interactions between actors, whether they are "field" tutors, “school” tutors, referents, professional masters, apprentices, alternates, trainees, etc., constitute a privileged way to study learning processes in the workplace.

Michelle Auzanneau, Luca Greco
Dessiner les frontières
Drawing borders

Jacques Audran
Recherche et formation, n°82/2016
Simulation et formation
Training and simulation
The articles in this issue examine and analyse not only the use of simulation in different professional training contexts, but they also question the relevance of the mechanisms implemented, the practices observed and the situations generated.

Olivier Allard, Christelle Rabier
Tracés, hors-série 2017
Traduire et introduire les sciences sociales d'Asie orientale
Translating and introducing the social sciences of East Asia
In the new "Translating and Introducing" issue, the introduction discusses the choice made by the editorial team to translate “What is modernoly?”. These translations have induced further discussions about geographies and languages of translation, operating epistemologies, as well as scales and modes of comparative analysis, within East Asia.

Anne-Christel Zeiter, Thérèse Jeanneret
Dans la langue de l'autre
In the other's language
Se construire en couple mixte plurilingue

Valérie Bonnet, Roland Canu
Mots. Les langages du politique, n°115/2017
The economic crisis discourses
Les discours de la crise économique
Public discourse is rife with lay and expert talk on the economic crisis. A variety of narratives by politicians, journalists and citizens got woven into representations of "the economic crisis". This issue of Mots focuses on some of those narratives with the combined insights of linguistics, political science and sociology.

Michaël Roy
Textes fugitifs
Fugitive Texts
Le récit d'esclave au prisme de l'histoire du livre
Slave Narratives in Antebellum Print Culture
Métamorphoses du livre

Merce Izquierdo, Isabelle Kermen
RDST, n°15/2017
Connaissances professionnelles didactiques pour l'enseignement des sciences et des technologies
Didactical professional knowledge for sciences and technologies education
The aim, in this issue, is to make an inventory of French studies that deal with didactical knowledge involved by teachers at work when teaching sciences or technologies. The purpose is to describe this knowledge, characterize its development or promote it.

Gweltaz Guyomarc'h, Stéphane Marchand
Aitia, n°7-2/2017
Études sur le De elementis de Galien
Studies on Galen's De elementis
The present papers focus on Galen's (129–ca. 216) treatise On the elements according to Hippocrates, probably written ca. 169, during his second stay in Rome.

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