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Nicolas Escach, Benoît Goffin
Dublin, Belfast, Liverpool, Cardiff, Saint-Malo, Fougères, Nantes, Bordeaux, Bayonne, Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle
Odyssée, villes-portraits

Nicolas Escach, Benoît Goffin
De la Baltique à la mer Noire
From the Baltic to the Black Sea
Saint-Pétersbourg - Narva - Riga - Daugavpils - Minsk - Kiev - Odessa - Sébastopol - Sotchi - Tbilissi
Odyssée, villes-portraits

Zorana Sokolovska
Over the past few decades, discourses promoting and valuing plurilingualism have permeated different social domains. This book focuses on the emergence and circulation of ideas about languages in the Council of Europe, in particular on what plurilingualism is, its role and its implications for the management of Europe.

Magali Brunel, Jean-Louis Dufays
Repères, n°62/2020
La progression dans la lecture des textes littéraires
The progression in teaching and learning to read literary texts
The nine contributions gathered here focus on the progression of teaching and learning to read literary texts by questioning the methodological choices relating to this object of study and reporting new research results. Particular attention is paid to the comparative, and even international, approach to effective classroom practices.

Gilles Siouffi
Le sentiment linguistique chez Saussure
Saussure's linguistic feeling
This book draws the attention on a concept that has so far been little studied by the great linguist Ferdinand de Saussure: that of linguistic sentiment. He specifies its origins, studies its inflexions in all the textual materials available today, and shows its potential in linguistic analysis.

Maria Díez Yáñez, Carlos Heusch
Cahiers d'études hispaniques médiévales, n°43/2020
Politia. La construction du discours politique au Moyen Âge et à la Renaissance

Angeliki Monnier, Anabelle Seoane, Nicolas Hubé, Pierre Leroux
Mots. Les langages du politique, n°125/ 2021
Discours de haine dans les réseaux socionumériques
Hate speech on social media

Dimitri El Murr, Laurent Lavaud, Jean Trinquier
Aitia, n° 10/2020
Le De rerum natura de Lucrèce : perspectives philosophiques

Romain Benini
Filles du peuple ?
Songs of the people ?
Pour une stylistique de la chanson au XIXe siècle
Elements of history and stylistics for the study of 19th century French songs

Romain Descendre, Jean-Claude Zancarini
La France d'Antonio Gramsci
Antonio Gramsci's France
Gouvernement en question(s)
This book highlights the role of French history, politics, and culture in the formation and reflection of Gramsci. Gramsci's texts are philology, textual criticism, and philosophical analysis. There are no studies on this topic (except for a 1998 book).

Matteo Vincenzo d'Alfonso, Pierre-François Moreau
Phénoménologie et marxisme
Perspectives historiques et legs théoriques
La croisée des chemins

Roxane de Flore, Sonia Guelton
Métropoles, n°27/2020
Les enjeux fonciers vus d'en bas. Quand les mobilisations des propriétaires fonciers se font citoyennes
This issue deals with land properties and analyses the land ownership power on the construction of the City.

Renaud (d') Enfert, Stéphane Lembré

Emmanuelle Prak-Derrington, Claude Hagège
Magies de la répétition
Rehearsal magic
Why is repetition used in lyrical, political, religious and magical practices? Written from a broadly interdisciplinary perspective, this book presents tor the first time a unitary definition of repetition in language. It casts new light on performativity and the power of words.

Joris Thievenaz
Recherche et formation, n°92/2019
La théorie de l'enquête de John Dewey
John Dewey's theory of the inquiry
John Dewey's concept of inquiry is the subject of a renewed interest in the social and human sciences (SHS), particularly in the field of education and training sciences (ETS). This thematic issue explores the foundations of this theory of experience and its relevance for research and training.

Annabelle Allouch, Camille Noûs, Nicolas Rabain, Christelle Rabier, Clémentine Vidal-Naquet
Tracés, n°38/2020
While anxiety as a category is abundantly mobilized to designate a bodily sensation of malaise peculiar to the individual, this issue of Traces proposes to examine anxiety as a regime of experience in the face of uncertainty, using the tools no longer of psychoanalysis but of the human and social sciences.

Ludovic Frobert
Vers l'égalité, ou au-delà ?
Towards equality or beyond?
Essai sur l'aube du socialisme
Essay on the dawn of socialism
Gouvernement en question(s)
Today when the objective of a rigorous calculation of merits, renamed equal opportunity or equity, has become not only the dominant value but sometimes the unique value of a dying socialism, it may be appropriate to carry out A journey through time. This short essay therefore proposes a return to the origins of socialism.

Pierre-François Moreau
Astérion, n°23/2020
Matériaux du spinozisme
Materials of Spinozism
This dossier analyses how Spinoza reshapes the legacy of different traditions. For him, these legacies are in fact materials to be reworked: how does the Spinozist system deal with the classic questions of suicide, historical experience, divine omnipotence and human finitude?

Jean-Louis Fournel, Corinne Lucas Fiorato
Laboratoire italien. Politique et société, n°25/2020
Mots et gestes dans l'Italie de la Renaissance
Words and gestures in Early Modern Italy
This issue explores a little-studied aspect of works about the body: the interactions between the two semiotic systems of verbal language and gesture, an aspect of body language. In their interferences, from the 16th century onwards, a profound transformation of the social and individual functions of the "visibile parlare" took place

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