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Pierre Crétois, Stéphanie Roza
Astérion, n°17/2017
De l'intérêt général
On General Interest
The notion of public interest, which has been widespreadly used in France in the eighteenth century, contains a foundamental polysemy: the debates about its definition are linked with the modern characterization of the State and its right.

Valérie Bonnet, Roland Canu
Mots. Les langages du politique, n°115/2017
The economic crisis discourses
Les discours de la crise économique
Public discourse is rife with lay and expert talk on the economic crisis. A variety of narratives by politicians, journalists and citizens got woven into representations of "the economic crisis". This issue of Mots focuses on some of those narratives with the combined insights of linguistics, political science and sociology.

Henri Ellenberger, Emmanuel Delille
Sociétés, Espaces, Temps
Henri Ellenberger's ethnopsychiatry is the first synthesis in the French language on this hybrid discipline at the crossroads of psychiatry and ethnology, which has met with tremendous success in recent decades. This body of work is of great interest within the history of medicine, humanities, and social sciences.

Céline Frigau Manning
Laboratoire italien. Politique et société, n°20/2017
Musique italienne et sciences médicales au XIXe siècle
In the nineteenth century, Italian music attracted the attention of the medical sciences. Are Italians endowed with a natural musicality? What might be the characteristics of Italian musical genius? How may music be used to heal? These are some of the questions posed in this dossier.

Yves Verneuil
Histoire de l'éducation, n°146/2016
Régler les carrières enseignantes : une histoire administrative et syndicale des conseils et commissions (XVIIe-XXe siècles) : volume 2
Managing teachers' careers: the history of administrative and trade union boards and commissions (17th – 20th century) : vol.2

Étienne Ghys
Hors Collection
The purpose of this little book is to invite the reader on a mathematical promenade. We pay a visit to Hipparchus, Newton and Gauss, but also to many contemporary mathematicians. We play with a bit of algebra, topology, geometry, complex analysis, combinatorics, and computer science.

Carlos Heusch
Cahiers d'études hispaniques médiévales, n°40/2017
Le Cid chanté par Antoni Rossell
Antoni Rossell's singing of The Cid

Auteurs divers

Pierre Charbonnier, Romain J. Garcier, Camille Rivière
Tracés, n°33/2017
Revenir à la terre ?
Coming back to land ?
This issue of Tracés approaches land as a conceptual object, as a power issue, and as the site of many agencies and political possibilities. Ten contributions (translation, note, dialogue and original papers) from several disciplines shed light on a different side of the comeback of land, reinstating land as a major contemporary concern.

Étienne Bourdon
La forge gauloise de la nation
Forging the nation ahead with the Gauls
Ernest Lavisse et la fabrique des ancêtres
Ernest Lavisse and the making of ancestors
Sociétés, Espaces, Temps
The book examines the construction of discourse of "Our ancestors the Gauls" in an history of knowledge approach. It highlights the differences between the archaeological and historical research and the making of the Gauls in an educational context. The character appears as a response to identity issues of the new born Third Republic.

Yves Verneuil
Histoire de l'éducation, n°145/2016
Régler les carrières enseignantes : une histoire administrative et syndicale des conseils et commissions (XVIIe-XXe siècles) : volume 1
Managing teachers' careers: the history of administrative and trade union boards and commissions (17th – 20th century)

Émilie Née, Claire Oger, Frédérique Sitri
Mots. Les langages du politique, n°114/2017
Le rapport, entre description et recommandation
The report, between the description and the recommendation

Robert Nicolaï
Signifier. Essai sur la mise en signification
Signifying. An essay on how meaning is ascribed
Parcours dans l'espace épistémique et dans l'espace communicationnel ordinaire
Trajectories in the areas of epistemology and ordinary communication

Nicolas Fischer
Le territoire de l'expulsion
Land of the Deported.
La rétention administrative des étrangers et l'État de droit en France
Immigration Detention and the Rule of Law in Contemporary France
Gouvernement en question(s)
This research describes the daily organization of immigration detention centers which are now used in France.The author combines archival work and ethnographic observation to describe the origins, contemporary enforcement and unexpected social effects of this tension between repression and legal protection.

Éric Méchoulan
Lire avec soin
Reading with Care
Amitié, justice et médias
Friendship, justice, and medias
Perspectives du care
How do you think about this experience of reading? The author reinserts this question to a reflection on justice as attention to the other and on the media as a connection; Hence a conception of reading as care and care, according to a friendly model whose history it recalls in connection with the development of the printed media.

Carlos Heusch
Cahiers d'études hispaniques médiévales, n°39/2016
Penser le genre au Moyen Âge : (Péninsule Ibérique, 13e – 16e s.)
Theorising gender in medieval and early modern Iberia
El número 30 de los Cahiers d'Études hispaniques médiévales es una monografía sobre la teorización del género en la España medieval y del siglo 16 que permite hacer un balance de las investigaciones acutlaes en Francia, en España y en los EEUU sobre los gender sutides aplicados a la España medieval y del siglo 16.

Jean-Luc Le Cam
Histoire de l'éducation, n°144/2015
Éducation privée et pratiques préceptorales du XVe au XIXe siècle : volume 2
Private education and preceptoral practices from the 15th to the 19th century
Alongside the advances made in the area of school-based education, the period between the 15th and the 19th century saw the development of private and home-based education based on a variety of resources, particularly the private preceptor. This collection of articles investigates these practices through different approaches, situations and periods

Irina Paperno, Aurélien Langlois
Tchernychevski et l'âge du réalisme
Chernyshevsky and the Age of Realism
Essai de sémiotique des comportements
Essay on the Semiotics of Behavior

Martine Furno
The 16th century saw the emergence of vernaculars as languages of thought, and the parallel maintenance of Latin as a learned language of communication and thought. The issue presented here sought to question the facts in terms of the gradual impact of this rise of the vernaculars on Latin throughout the century.

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