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Vincent Béal, Élise Roche

Thomas Angeletti, Juliette Galonnier, Manon Him-Aquili
Tracés, n°43/2022
Instabilités sémantiques
Semantic instabilities
This issue of Tracés revisits the classic question of the social life of words and seeks to understand how the appearance of a term and its various potential meanings are socially produced and reproduced. it looks at the controversies surrounding the meaning of words and what they reveal about our societies and the functioning of language.

Audrey Roig, Anne-Gaëlle Toutain, Armance Neveu
Concert mondial de linguistique française
Mondial concert of french linguistics
Mélanges offerts à Franck Neveu
In honour of Franck Neveu
This tribute volume to the French linguist Franck Neveu brings together contributions on the history and epistemology of linguistics, on French and comparative, synchronic and diachronic syntax and semantics, as well as on dialectology, text genetics, cognitive linguistics, text linguistics and enunciative linguistics.

Laurence Cossu- Beaumont, Jean-Yves Mollier
Deux agents littéraires dans le siècle américain
Two Literary Agents in the American Century
William et Jenny Bradley, passeurs culturels transatlantiques
William and Jenny Bradley, Transatlantic Cultural Passeurs
Métamorphoses du livre
William and Jenny Bradley were the first professional literary agents in France and became the key players in literary exchanges between France and the United States. This study, rooted in previously unexplored archival material, recounts the lesser-known story of a French-American couple.

Anne Gagnant de Weck, Alain Ehrenberg
Un divan à Delhi
A couch in Delhi
Psychothérapie et individualisme dans l'Inde contemporaine
Psychotherapy and individualism in contemporary India
De l'Orient à l'Occident
Over the past twenty years, psychotherapies have been booming in Indian society. This book, devoted to the particular case of psychoanalysis in Delhi, Based on a rich ethnography and many case studies describes how this new practice is gradually becoming part of new lifestyles.

Annamaria Contini, Jordi Riba
Jean-Marie Guyau notre contemporain
Jean-Marie Guyau our contemporary
La croisée des chemins
The philosophy of life of Jean-Marie Guyau (1854-1888) represents one of the most original perspectives of his time in the fields of ethics, aesthetics and sociological studies. This book , aims to rediscover the relevance of his thought, by asking a fundamental question: who are Guyau's true contemporaries?

Giancarlo Alfano, Laurent Baggioni
Laboratoire italien. Politique et société, n°29/2022-2
Disasters (14th-17th century)
Disasters and catastrophes are considered here in the forms of writing they elicit within the human world they disrupt. The different case studies examined illustrate how far the variety and fluidity of the rhetorical-literary forms used in 14th-17th century Italy are a powerful factor in the evolution of language, literature and hermeneutic models

Xavier Pons, Sylvain Doussot

Anaïs Théviot
Gouverner par les données?
Govern by data ?
Pour une sociologie politique du numérique
Gouvernement en question(s)
This book questions the weight and use of data in the ways of governing. Data, online or offline, is becoming a key resource in governance and as such represents a strong political stake. Work on data has always existed, but what is changing is the massification of this data - transcribed by the term big data - made possible by digital technology.

Michèle Le Dœuff
Perspectives genre

Francisco Bautista, Irene Salvo Garcia
Cahiers d'études hispaniques médiévales, n°45/2022
Le pouvoir de l'historiographie dans le projet d'Alphonse X

Ricardo Pichel
SEMYR : « Metiémonos a fazer esta obra » : études autour de l'héritage littéraire, historiographique et juridique alphonsin
«Metiémonos a fazer esta obra»: studies on the literary, historiographical, and juridical legacy of Alfonso X
The cultural heritage we have received from Alfonso X is measureless in the different fields of knowledge he promoted during his reign. The works included in this monographic volume focus on three of the significant areas of great interest to the Wise King: devotional and miraculous literature, historiography and legal literature.

Emmanuelle Chapron, Fabienne Henryot
Archives en bibliothèques (XVIe-XXIe siècles)
Library Archives (16th-21th c.)
Métamorphoses du livre
Are libraries places of archiving and if so, what exactly can they archive? In what way do they constitute a privileged place of conservation and consultation of historical sources, on the fringe of or in place of archival institutions? This book examines the history of institutional separation between archives and libraries

Nolwenn Lorenzi Bailly, Claudine Moïse
Discours de haine et de radicalisation
Hate Speech and Radicalisation
Les notions clés
Key concepts
Identifying discursive features of hate speech is a complex process and digital practices could affect them. On the one hand, it is relatively easy to analyse what we have called "discours de haine directe" depending on three concomitant conditions, pathemic discursive dimension, negation of otherness and condemnation speech acts

Anthony Favier, Yannick Fer, Juliette Galonnier, Ana Perrin-Heredia
Religions et classes sociales
Religions and Social Classes
Sociétés, Espaces, Temps
This volume proposes to examine anew a classic but largely neglected question in the social sciences: that of the articulation between religions and social classes. The eleven surveys brought together here bring it up to date and analyze its role in the construction of social boundaries as well as in the reproduction or questioning of inequalities

Christine Boutevin, Marie-Sylvie Claude
Repères, n°66/2022-2
Commentaire, commentaires
Literary commentary, litterary commentaries
This dossier examines text commentary, defined either in a broad sense as a kind of metatextual discourse, which brings together different forms of writing about reading, or as a specifically standardised examination test, in different contexts. It considers what kind of reader these various exercises are likely to create.

Nicolas Escach, Camille Escudé, Benoît Goffin
Qassiarsuk, Nuuk, Reykjavík, Féroé, Copenhague, Tromsø, Longyearbyen, Mourmansk, Kirkenes, Rovaniemi
Odyssée, villes-portraits

Gérard Raulet
L'éducation esthétique selon Schiller
Schiller on Aesthetic Education
Une contribution à l'archéologie du libéralisme
A Contribution to the Archeology of Liberalism
La croisée des chemins
Based on a close reading of the Letters on Aesthetic Education, the book proposes a reassessment of Schiller's thought, of his problematic belonging to Kantianism and of his contribution to German idealism and political liberalism.

Cyrille Ferraton
« Qu'est-ce que l'économie ? ». L'approche herméneutique de Robert L. Heilbroner
"What is economics?" Robert L. Heilbroner's hermeneutical approach
This book is a detailed presentation of the economic ideas of Robert Heilbroner, author of the bestseller The Worldly Philosophers (1953), which has sold millions of copies and been translated into more than twenty languages. It also includes two translated texts by Robert Heilbroner that provide a good introduction to his thought.

Hugo Oscar Bizzarri
Cahiers d'Études Hispaniques Médiévales, n°44/2021
Pero López de Ayala dans un « monde en plainte et tribulation». Treize leçons

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