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Patrick Awondo
Le sexe et ses doubles
Sex and its doubles
(Homo)sexualités en postcolonie
Homosexualities in the postcolony
Sociétés, Espaces, Temps
This book examines the emergence of homosexuality as a political subject and mode of subjectivation in the African context. This is the first ethnographic treatment of the rise of homosexual militancy in French-speaking Africa. The book historicizes this rejection of homosexuality by articulating it to the local homosexual culture of repression.

Benito Mussolini, Stéphanie Lanfranchi, Élise Varcin
Mussolini socialiste : littérature et religion
Socialist Mussolini : Literature and Religion
I. Anthologie de textes, 1900-1918
I. Anthology of Texts, 1900-1918)
Gouvernement en question(s)

Véronique Castagnet-Lars, Jean-François Condette
Histoire de l'éducation, n°150/2018
Pour une histoire renouvelée des élèves (XVIe-XXIe siècles). Volume 1 : approches historiographiques
Towards a renewed history of students (16th-21st Centuries). Volume 1: historiographical approaches
This issue proposes five historiographical approaches that put into perspective the evolution of research on student history in France, Italy, the Germanic world and the United States of America. Neglected for a long time, this school actor has been more studied nowadays in order to learn more about his characteristics, daily life and commitments.

Sylvain Doussot, Jean-Yves Rochex
Revue française de pédagogie, n°202/2018
Recherche, politique et pratiques en éducation : services rendus et questions posées d'un univers à l'autre /3
Educational research, policy and practice: services provided and questions posed between the different spheres /3
The reader will find analyses, reflection and testimonials on the complex and "intermittent" relationships between the worlds of research and political decision-making at both national and local.

Margot Beal
Des champs aux cuisines. Histoires de la domesticité en Rhône et Loire, 1848-1940
From fields to kitchens. Histories of domestic labor, Rhône and Loire, 1848-1940
Sociétés, Espaces, Temps
This book on paid domestic work in Mid 19th to mid 20th century France bears more specifically on the Rhône and Loire region.

Damiano Matasci, Mara Donato Di Paola
Histoire de l'éducation, n°149/2018
Humanités et citoyenneté. L'enseignement des lettres et des langues en France, en Suisse et en Belgique au XIXe siècle
Humanities and Citizenship. The Teaching of Humanities and Languages in France, Switzerland and Belgium in the Nineteenth Century
This special issue examines the evolution and metamorphosis of humanities and languages teaching in France, Switzerland and Belgium during the 19th century. Based on recent empirical research, the contributions allow us to compare and better understand the different responses given to these problems in several cultural and historical contexts

Jacques-Louis Lantoine, Pierre-François Moreau
L'intelligence de la pratique
The Intelligence of Practice
Le concept de disposition chez Spinoza
The Concept of Disposition in Spinoza
La croisée des chemins
Unlike traditional and contemporary approches of dispositions, the philosophy of Spinoza proposes a deterministic and actualist definition. This book highlights the originality of this definition and shows that the concept is crucial for the philosophy of practice and anthropology of Spinoza.

Jacques Crinon, Alain Muller
Recherche et formation, n°88/2018
Savoirs et normes pour enseigner
Knowledge and standards in teaching
Knowledge and standards on which are based teaching practices are not a mere copy of learned knowledge and institutional standards. Research conducted in French-speaking countries explores the nature, relationships, and constitution of the teaching profession's knowledge and standards, as well as their implications in teaching education.

Yannis Gansel, Richard Rechtman
Vulnérables ou dangereux ? Une anthropologie du souci des adolescents difficiles
Vulnerable or dangerous ? an anthropology of care for difficult adolescents
Sociétés, Espaces, Temps

Auteurs divers

Arnault Skornicki, Eva Debray
Astérion, n°20/2019
Les dissonances du doux commerce
The discordances of the doux commerce
According to Albert O. Hirschman the doux commerce thesis has justified the free development of private acquisitive pursuits by attributing peaceful virtues to them. This issue proposes to study a set of "revised and dissonant" versions of this liberal commonplace in order to determine its malleability between the 18th century and the recent period

Paul Bacot, Michelle Lecolle
Mots. Les langages du politique, n°120/2019
Nom d'un parti ! Pour une onomastique partisane
Nom d'un parti! Partisan onomastics
The names of political organizations are proper nouns with specific features: they name groups, they are chosen by those they will collectively name, and their wording belongs to the common lexicon. This collection of studies tackles party names in a wide variety of situations, countries and ideological persuasions.

Veronica Gomez-Temesio
L'État sourcier
Eau et politique au Sénégal
Gouvernement en question(s)

Véronique Rivière, Nathalie Blanc
Observer la multimodalité en situations éducatives : circulations entre recherche et formation
Observing Multimodality in educational contexts : relationships between research and training
Éducation et savoirs en société
If multimodal components of communication are studied for a long time in different scientific fields and provide now relevant frameworks for the analysis of social signification, of the organisation of interaction and share of cognition, this book offers to consider them in their relation to professional training in educational contexts.

Loïc Bonneval, François Robert
De la rente immobilière à la finance. La Société de la rue Impériale (Lyon, 1854-2004)
From real estate rent to finance. The Société de la rue Impériale (Lyon, 1854-2004)
Sociétés, Espaces, Temps
This book is about the real estate company that built, owned and managed the buildings the most famous street in Lyon, the "rue de la république", from the XIXth Century to the beginning of the XXth Century. Thanks to this original configuration in France, it is possible to link the story of a company and the story of an urban space.

Sylvain Doussot, Jean-Yves Rochex
Revue française de pédagogie, n°201/2017
Recherche, politique et pratiques en éducation : services rendus et questions posées d'un univers à l'autre /2
Educational research, policy and practice: services provided and questions posed between the different spheres /2
Based on a new call for papers, this issues (200 and 201) consist of articles by scholars and contributions from stakeholders from a range of backgrounds (experts, policy makers, activists etc.). The articles cover a wide variety of domestic and institutional situations including

Amina Damerdji, Samuel Hayat, Natalia La Valle, Christelle Rabier
Tracés, hors-série 2018
Les sciences humaines et sociales au travail (I). Faire revue
Academic journals in the making
Considering the chains of editorial work, the temporalities and social conditions of production, the place assigned to every male and female participant in the publishing process, this issue of Tracés aims to reflect on the effects of the "academic journal" format on the production and reception of knowledge in the humanities and social sciences.

Brigitte Louichon, Marion Sauvaire
Repères, n°58/2018
Le tournant éthique en didactique de la littérature
The ethical turn in the field of literature teaching
This publication examines the epistemological foundations, the theoretical frameworks and the didactic practices of teaching literature focused on the ethical training of students in different French-speaking countries.

Jean-Marie Fournier, Aimée Lahaussois, Valérie Raby
Hommage à Bernard Colombat
Festschrift for Bernard Colombat
This book presents a collection of studies on the history of linguistics as a tribute to Bernard Colombat, an internationally renowned specialist in Latin and French grammatical traditions, and the mastermind behind numerous digital and editorial projects, both collective and individual.

Julien Nègre
L'arpenteur vagabond
The Surveyor and the Saunterer
Cartes et cartographies dans l'œuvre de Henry David Thoreau
Maps and Mapping in Henry David Thoreau's writings
This book explores the role played by maps and mapping in the writings of Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau was a professional surveyor and he had a deep and intimate knowledge of the history of cartography and of mapping practices. This work is based on a thorough archival investigation to locate and identify the maps that Thoreau used.

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