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Revue française de pédagogie, n°199/2017

L'histoire des disciplines : un champ de recherche en mutation

Revue française de pédagogie - Recherches en éducation

The history of disciplines: the reconfiguration of a research field

Thirty years after André Chervel's innovative article on the history of school subjects, this special issue aims to put into perspective the recent changes and trends in this field of research, which is now characterised by a growing interest in actors, i.e. those who "produce" the disciplines. It seeks to clarify the epistemological and methodological aspects of this evolution, resituating it in the broader field of research on curriculum and teaching content. The introduction thus questions the specificity of French historical scholarship in this research field, compared with the contributions of other disciplinary approaches, in France and abroad. Focusing on French post-elementary and secondary education in the 20th century, the special issue combines disciplinary and curricular perspectives. It seeks to highlight the multiplicity of actors involved in the design and organisation of school subjects or disciplinary fields - from practising teachers to minister’s advisers - as well as their different actions, both individual and collective. It places particular emphasis on the role of teachers in developing curricula and in asserting the legitimacy of their subjects in the school arena.

Clémence Cardon-Quint
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Philippe Bongrand, Clémence Cardon-Quint, Olivier Coutarel, Jean-Yves Langaney, François Jacquet-Francillon, Hélène Buisson-Fenet, Olivier Rey
Le politique doit-il se mêler d'éducation ?
Do politics have to meddle in education ?
Entretiens Ferdinand Buisson


Clémence Cardon-Quint, Johannes Westberg
Histoire de l'éducation, n°157/2022
Les réformes du financement de l'éducation. France/Suède
Educational Finance Reform. France/Sweden
The financing of education brings into play a wide range of issues - economic, but also political, social and cultural - that are addressed by many disciplines. In the field of educational history, however, it has only intermittently attracted the attention of researchers.

Renaud (d') Enfert, Clémence Cardon-Quint

Renaud (d') Enfert, Clémence Cardon-Quint, Emmanuelle Picard
Histoire de l'éducation, n°142/2014
Les associations de spécialistes : militantisme et identités professionnelles (XXe-XXIe siècle)
Subject associations : militancy and professional identities (20th-21th century)
In this issue of Histoire de l'éducation, the thematic part examines the way these associations contribute to the construction of a shared professional culture constitutive of professional identities, and participate in the governance of the educational system