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Journal : Repères - Recherches en didactique du français langue maternelle

Repères publishes ongoing research into the didactics of French as a mother tongue or of neighbouring fields, such as didactics of other disciplines, other first languages or foreign languages, linguistics, psycho- and social linguistics, education sciences, etc. Repères is an international journal published in French (with summaries in English, German and Spanish), but is also open to foreign contributions in the French language. Its international editorial and review boards include the best experts in the field.  Rated as a reference journal, it is the only international French-language journal with this profile. It is aimed at researchers and will also be of interest to teacher trainers and advanced students.

• ISSN : 11571330
• 2 issues per year
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Sylvie Plane, Fanny Rinck
Repères, n°63/2021
La place de la vulgarisation dans la culture professionnelle des enseignants
Popularisation in the professional culture of teachers
This issue of Repères focuses on popularisation and its dissemination in a context where the teaching and learning of French is the subject of heterogeneous discourses. The question of popularisation is approached in terms of transmission, interpretation and appropriation, and through its role as an instrument of the professional culture of teacher

Magali Brunel, Jean-Louis Dufays
Repères, n°62/2020
La progression dans la lecture des textes littéraires
The progression in teaching and learning to read literary texts
The nine contributions gathered here focus on the progression of teaching and learning to read literary texts by questioning the methodological choices relating to this object of study and reporting new research results. Particular attention is paid to the comparative, and even international, approach to effective classroom practices.

Anne Sardier, Marie-Noëlle Roubaud
Repères, n°61/2020
Construire la compétence lexicale : quelles avancées vers le réemploi aujourd'hui ?
Build the lexical competence: what progress towards re-employment today?
Repères 61, "Building lexical competence. What progress towards re-use today?", presents articles which question the teaching-learning of the lexicon, from nursery school to university, in first, second or foreign language, in view of the fundamental question of re-use for the didactics of lexicon.

Caroline Viriot-Goeldel, Catherine Brissaud
Repères, n°60/2019
Enseigner et apprendre l'orthographe aujourd'hui
Teaching and learning spelling
This issue of the journal Repères presents ten articles dealing with spelling teaching practices in primary school and middle school and their effects on students' performances. They illustrate the current transformations of these practices and what they require in terms of teacher professional development.

Élaine Turgeon, Ophélie Tremblay, Séverine De Croix
Repères, n°59/2019
La lecture et l'écriture littéraires à l'école à l'aide de l'album jeunesse : quelle progression?
Literary reading and writing at school using children's books: what progress is being made ?
This issue examines two perspectives on the concept of progression, regarding reading and writing through the youth album. The first concerns the order in which learning contents are planned. The second regards the development of reading and writing skills.

Brigitte Louichon, Marion Sauvaire
Repères, n°58/2018
Le tournant éthique en didactique de la littérature
The ethical turn in the field of literature teaching
This publication examines the epistemological foundations, the theoretical frameworks and the didactic practices of teaching literature focused on the ethical training of students in different French-speaking countries.

Claire Doquet, Jacques David
Repères, n°57/2018
Collecter, interpréter, enseigner l'écriture. Analyses linguistiques des écrits d'élèves
Collect, interpret, teach the writing. Linguistic analyses of student' papers
This issue of Repères is part of these perspectives and opens up to research with new dimensions for the analysis of student writings, in a dynamic of writing that always includes the process of putting into words.It describes the phenomena of putting into text, in order to understand the relationships between the production of forms and of meaning

Bertrand Daunay, Nathalie Denizot
Repères, n°56/2017
L'exercice de français au primaire et au collège
The Exercises in Primary and Lower Secondary Education
This issue of Repères aims a better understanding of what is meant by exercice in the French tongue classroom, in primary and lower secondary education. More precisely, the matter is to identify what can be the didactic approach to the exercise, which can not be treated independently of the involved contents.

Jacques Crinon, Ana Dias-Chiaruttini
Repères, n°55/2017
Interroger l'efficacité des pratiques d'enseignement de la lecture-écriture au cours préparatoire
Examining the effectiveness of teaching practices pertaining to reading and writing (literacy instruction) in primary school.
What brings about the effectiveness of the teaching of reading and writing at the beginning of compulsory primary schooling? And which practices favour weaker pupils? This edition of the review is resultant from the research "The influence of teaching practices of reading and writing on the quality of learning in the primary school".

Michel Grandaty, Pascal Dupont
Repères, n°54/2016
L'oral à l'école : qu'apprend-on et comment ?
Oral communication at school: what are pupils learning and how?
The objective of this issue is to go beyond the taught oral skills v oral skills for learning dichotomy to show that educationalists have continued to problematize the latter, which suggests that the teaching of oral skills is becoming an established practice in the teaching of the French language.

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