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Georges Felouzis, Barbara Fouquet-Chauprade
Revue française de pédagogie, n°191/2015
Les descendants d'immigrés à l'école : destins scolaires et origines des inégalités
Children of immigrants at school: academic futures and roots of inequality

Pierre Charbonnier, Daniela Festa, Yaël Kreplak, Christelle Rabier, Pierre Saint-Germier
Tracés, hors-série 2016
Traduire et introduire
Translating and introducing
This special issue of Tracés originates in the idea that although the work of many foreign scholars is accessible to French academics, it is not equally read and debated. This special issue is thus structured around the translation, cliometics and a theory of common in an interdisciplinary perspective (sociology, linguistics, semiotics and art).

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