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Atalaya, n°20/2020
Puellae doctae à la cour des Rois Catholiques (1470-1555) : éducation, littérature et mécénat
Puellae doctae at the Catholic Monarchs' Court (1470-1555): Education, Literature and Patronage
This dossier focuses on the wise women present at the court of the Catholic Monarchs in a period comprised between the birth of the firstborn of the sovereigns, Isabel, until the death of the oldest of their daughters, Juana I.The articles contained in this dossier focus mainly on their education from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Xavier Pons, Valérie Lincot, Caroline Brottet-Aiello, Marianne Woollven, Hélène Buisson-Fenet, Olivier Rey
À quoi sert la comparaison internationale en éducation ?
What is the use of international comparisons in education ?
Entretiens Ferdinand Buisson
For years, it is noticed a growing attention for international comparisons, as opportunities for benchmarking of educational systems, for best or worst. What's the point of international comparisons in education ? How PISA and other international comparisons are understood and used ?

Auteurs divers

Éric Verdier, Xavier Sido, Maryse Lopez, Judith Rosenfeld, Jean-Pascal Kaplinsky, Hélène Buisson-Fenet, Olivier Rey
Le lycée professionnel : relégué et avant-gardiste ?
Vocational French High-School : relegated and avant-guarde ?
Entretiens Ferdinand Buisson
Yet, vocational curriculum remains a default solution, often seen as a way to school or social relegation. The papers offer a full and diversified view of the key issues. They combine sociological and didactic approaches.

Pierre Charbonnier, Daniela Festa, Yaël Kreplak, Christelle Rabier, Pierre Saint-Germier
Tracés, hors-série 2016
Traduire et introduire
Translating and introducing
This special issue of Tracés originates in the idea that although the work of many foreign scholars is accessible to French academics, it is not equally read and debated. This special issue is thus structured around the translation, cliometics and a theory of common in an interdisciplinary perspective (sociology, linguistics, semiotics and art).

Philippe Bongrand, Clémence Cardon-Quint, Olivier Coutarel, Jean-Yves Langaney, François Jacquet-Francillon, Hélène Buisson-Fenet, Olivier Rey
Le politique doit-il se mêler d'éducation ?
Do politics have to meddle in education ?
Entretiens Ferdinand Buisson

Georges Felouzis, Barbara Fouquet-Chauprade
Revue française de pédagogie, n°191/2015
Les descendants d'immigrés à l'école : destins scolaires et origines des inégalités
Children of immigrants at school: academic futures and roots of inequality

Jean-Marie Barbier, Richard Wittorski
Revue française de pédagogie, n°190/2015
La formation des adultes, lieu de recompositions ?
The development of the field of adult education both as a set of social practices and as a body of research about these practices is relatively recent.This special issue is specifically intended to seize these new research themes by pitting them against one another to address them in their multiple facets.

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