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Revue française de pédagogie, n°217/2022

« Le "métier d'enfant" » 50 ans après : penser l'éducation et la socialisation avec Jean-Claude Chamboredon

Edited by Stéphane Bonnery, Paul Pasquali

Revue française de pédagogie - Recherches en éducation

"Le 'métier d'enfant'"50 years after: Thinking education and socialisation with Jean-Claude Chamboredon

Fifty years ago, Jean-Claude Chamboredon and Jean Prévot published "Le 'métier d'enfant'", a seminal article followed by other publications on early childhood and, more generally, on socialisation at different stages of life. The articles of this special issue mobilise concepts, problems and approaches that are inspired by these publications and aim to update them. They deal with the social definitions of childhood in the pre-school or early school years, the socialising practices of adults (parents or teachers) as well as the social inequalities in the use of educational institutions and the appropriation of their pedagogical and cultural norms. Each of the articles develops aspects that are merely outlined or neglected in “Le ‘métier d'enfant’” and other texts by Chamboredon: peer relations, family socialisation, relationship with nature in childhood, the creation of socialisation tools, etc. The special issue also includes an unpublished text by Chamboredon on socialisation in private schools, at a time when access to secondary education was generalised. The author discusses the blind spots of critical theories of the school inspired by Althusser, Bourdieu or Foucault, pointing out the pitfalls of focusing on social control at the expense of transmission.