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SEMYR : « Metiémonos a fazer esta obra » : études autour de l'héritage littéraire, historiographique et juridique alphonsin

Edited by Ricardo Pichel

Atalaya. Revue d'études médiévales romanes

«Metiémonos a fazer esta obra»: studies on the literary, historiographical, and juridical legacy of Alfonso X

The cultural heritage we have received from Alfonso X is measureless in the different fields of knowledge he promoted during his reign. The renaissance and cultural revival of what his collaborators called the «Alphonsine era» went beyond the geographical and temporal coordinates of his courtly audience, generating and inspiring new textual traditions. The works included in this monographic volume focus on three of the significant areas of great interest to the Wise King: devotional and miraculous literature – represented by the Cantigas de Santa María –, general or universal historiography – in this case, exemplified in the General estoria –, and, finally, legal literature – notably, the Siete Partidas and the Setenario –. All of them contribute to advancing the knowledge of the thick network of cultural relations deployed by the Wise King in the works he promoted and his ideological evolution throughout his complex political journey.