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Histoire de l'éducation, n°149/2018

Humanités et citoyenneté. L'enseignement des lettres et des langues en France, en Suisse et en Belgique au XIXe siècle

Edited by Damiano Matasci, Mara Donato Di Paola

Histoire de l'éducation

Humanities and Citizenship. The Teaching of Humanities and Languages in France, Switzerland and Belgium in the Nineteenth Century

This special issue examines the evolution and metamorphosis of humanities and languages teaching in France, Switzerland and Belgium during the 19th century. It focuses on the debates, controversies and multiple challenges raised by the progressive codification of literary and linguistic disciplines as regards the content of curricula, the training of elites and the construction of national identities. Based on recent empirical research, the contributions allow us to compare and better understand the different responses given to these problems in several cultural and historical contexts. They also highlight the transnational dimensions of European school reforms, and more particularly the importance of the circulation of ideas, actors and models between and across national borders.