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Sexe et genre des mondes culturels

Sexe et genre des mondes culturels

Edited by Sylvie Octobre, Frédérique Patureau, Auteurs divers

Sociétés, Espaces, Temps

Sex and gender in cultural worlds

In the "cultural worlds", recurring references to the artistic gesture, to the incarnation of vocation and to the work on and with the body and the desire also indicate how much sex and gender are intertwined. From music “to dance” that engages the body, to erotic works, to body work done by visual artists, scenographers, dancers, but also by amateurs (including with an absent or digitally recomposed sexual body via pseudos and avatars), sex and gender are central, from production to reception and mediation.

30 humanities and social sciences researchers have joined forces to provide innovative insights on this issue by drawing on sectors as varied as music (jazz, rap, video game music, etc.), visual arts, reading, dance and crafts.