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Repères, n°61/2020

Construire la compétence lexicale : quelles avancées vers le réemploi aujourd'hui ?

Edited by Anne Sardier, Marie-Noëlle Roubaud

Repères - Recherches en didactique du français langue maternelle

Build the lexical competence: what progress towards re-employment today?

The teaching-learning of the lexicon is at the center of the concerns of researchers and teachers, due to lexicon's influence on comprehension, or to the correlations between academic success and lexical knowledge. However, the question of lexicon re-use, which is of great concern to practitioners, remains not sufficiently researched. Issue 61 of Repères, "Build lexical competence. What progress towards lexicon re-use today?" is an opportunity to take stock of current research in the field of lexicon re-use. Whether they look at oral or written productions, or even at the use of computer tools, all the authors propose possible avenues that can encourage lexicon acquisitions and re-use, from nursery school to university, in first, second or foreign language. The contributions are organized around three components. The first one talks about the didactic programming of the lexicon re-use. The second one questions the extent of the lexicon reuse and the factors that cause it. In order to encourage re-use, the third part shows all the interest there is in articulating teaching - learning from lexical unit to oral activities, but also to literary readings and written productions. The review closes with another question: that of the evaluation of lexical knowledge and the tests implemented to evaluate it.