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Aitia, n°8-2/2018

Quelques approches du philosophe stoïcien Lucius Annaeus Cornutus

Edited by Sophie Aubert-Baillot

Aitia. Regards sur la culture hellénistique au XXIe siècle

A New Look at the Stoic Philosopher Lucius Annaeus Cornutus

The present papers are devoted to the Stoic Lucius Annaeus Cornutus (born about 10–20 A.D. and died after 65 A.D.), both a prominent figure in Antiquity, since he was the master of Persius and Lucan, and a quite obscure one today. However, his work is extremely interesting insofar as it bears on philosophy, grammar and rhetoric. Moreover, it is written both in Greek, as far as philosophy is concerned, and in Latin, for the grammatical part. The six papers collected in this issue highlight the importance and the originality of the philosophical and philological work of Cornutus.