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RDST, n°26/2022

Les ressources pour l'enseignement des sciences et des technologies

Edited by Eric Bruillard

RDST - Recherches en didactique des sciences et des technologies

Resources for science and technology education

This issue is interesting to a didactic approach to the educational resources that science or technology teachers use or design.

Three articles focus on the work that teachers do on and with resources and the perception they have of them: how to set up problematization processes in class by using documents from the history of science; how to make better use of the documentary texts proposed in school textbooks by highlighting the implicit content they contain; how and according to what criteria to choose video resources published on Youtube and legitimize them for teaching.

An introduction opens up questions on research fields common to science and technology didactics and educational resources: design, acceptability, legitimization, validation, indexing, experimentation, modeling...