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Astérion, n°27/2022-2

Critique et sciences sociales

Astérion. Philosophie, histoire des idées, pensée politique

Critique and social sciences

There is ongoing controversy surrounding the scientificity of certain trends in contemporary social sciences. Some subjects, such as race, gender, and sexuality, along with theoretical tools such as intersectionality, are continuously re-examined in a critical light. Such polemic invites social scientists to reflect on the critical dimensions of the knowledge they produce. This "social sciences and critique" issue therefore has a twofold purpose: first, to investigate the specificities and internal diversity of critical social sciences, gender studies, the critical study of racism, decoloniality, and the intersectional approach; and second, to take these attacks against critical social sciences as an opportunity to initiate new epistemological and political reflections about the legitimacy of the methods used in such attacks and the implications of the critical effects they produce.