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Le droit international selon Hans Kelsen

Le droit international selon Hans Kelsen

Criminalités, responsabilités, normativités

Edited by Ninon Grangé, Frédéric Ramel

La croisée des chemins

Hans Kelsen and International Law
Criminality, Responsibility, Normativity

Against the background of the International Criminal Court crisis, this book analyses international judicialisation through the lens of one of its originators: Hans Kelsen. The normativism theorist reflected on International Law, particularly during his exile in the United States. He ceaselessly promoted a United Nations Organisation with a tribunal as its linchpin. By providing a new understanding of the intellectual trajectory of the Viennese legal expert, these studies underline the tensions behind the creation of the first military courts after the Second World War, whether they related to the recognition of the individual as a litigant or the application of the principle of non-retroactivity. Through the presentation and translation of texts on the subjects of responsibility and the prosecution of war criminals, this book resonates with the current dilemmas surrounding the institutionalisation of international criminal justice.