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Recherche et formation, n°80/2015

La subjectivité comme ressource en éducation et en formation

Edited by Alain Mouchet, Elisa Cattaruzza

Recherche et formation

Subjectivity as an education and training resource

Our aim is to show what can be gained from considering subjectivity as an education and training resource, through the development of an appropriate epistemological posture and methodology for enabling a detailed description of subjective first-hand experience. The first focus of this special issue is to underline the psychophenomenological meaning of subjectivity, as subjective real-life experience in a given unique past context. The second involves the analysis of the growing importance which is being paid to subjective real-life experience and its explicitation in training strategies. The use of explicitation as a stance and as a training method is being updated under various forms and is supported by increasing interest in subjectivity in research. The methodological developments affecting this method give the explicitation of subjective real-life experience a whole new dimension in training systems. What are the educational implications and what are the prospects for education and training research? How are training activities which involve some consideration of the actors' subjectivity to be seen from a scientific perspective? Under what conditions and in what ways can the verbalisation of subjective real-life experience be triggered, organised, used and cultivated both as a training objective and a training tool?