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RDST, n°11/2015

Les cadres théoriques et méthodologiques

RDST - Recherches en didactique des sciences et des technologies


Yann Lhoste, Christian Orange
Defining appropriate theoretical and methodological frameworks for research in science and technology éducation

Jérôme Santini, Patricia Crépin-Obert
Comparative Analysis of Geosciences. Classroom Sessions at Primary School. Problem Based-Learning and Teacher-Students' Joint Action

Andrée Tiberghien, Patrice Venturini
Connecting microscopic and mesoscopic levels in the analyses of classroom practices from videos

Manel Dhouibi, Patricia Schneeberger, Maryse Rebière
The study of scientific discourse: insight into the process of overcoming obstacles and didactic's prospect

Christine Couture, Liliane Dionne, Lorraine Savoie-Zajc Emmanuelle Aurousseau
Developing teaching in science and technology following which criteria and perpectives?


Mohamed Soudani, Jean-Loup Héraud, Olfa Soudani, Catherine Bruguière
Possible worlds and realistic fiction. Storybooks for modeling in science at primary school

Cécile de Hosson, Nicolas Décamp, Émilie Morand, Aline Robert
Approaching physics teachers' professional identity in higher education: a lever for initiating changes in teaching practices