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Repères, n°62/2020

Repères, n°62/2020

La progression dans la lecture des textes littéraires

Edited by Magali Brunel, Jean-Louis Dufays

Repères - Recherches en didactique du français langue maternelle

The progression in teaching and learning to read literary texts

The nine contributions gathered here focus on the progression of teaching and learning to read literary texts by questioning the methodological choices relating to this object of study and reporting new research results. Particular attention is paid to the comparative, and even international, approach to effective classroom practices. The first two articles examine the fate of literary text commentary and analytical reading throughout secondary schooling. Four others present the results of research based on a single literary text used as a "reagent" to reveal breaks and continuities in teaching and learning at different levels of schooling. The last three texts study how the progression of reading and literature teaching is manifested in the choices of teaching teams, in official instructions and textbooks, and in the dissertations of future teachers. These different studies reveal some converging observations relating to the school forms linked to the different levels of education as well as to the different socio-political or socio-cultural contexts. Shedding new light on the difficulties and specificities of didactic continuity, they should interest researchers and trainers as well as teachers of French at the primary and secondary level who face these problems daily.