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Laboratoire italien. Politique et société, n°19/2017

La république en Italie (1848-1948). Héritages, modèles, discours

Edited by Laura Fournier-Finocchiaro, Jean-Yves Frétigné, Silvia Tatti

Laboratoire italien

Republic in Italy (1848-1948). Legacies, models, speeches

This volume traces the development and maturation of the republican idea in Italy between 1848 and 1948 through an approach which is both political and literary. The aim is to identify the specific nature of an Italian republican path, starting from the local experiences in Rome, Venice, Milan and Southern Italy during the Risorgimento and ending with the years of liberal monarchy and fascism. The articles are grouped around three key areas: memories of the Italian republics of 1848-1849 and the construction of a political and literary language both local and national at the same time; foreign republican models and counter models from which the Italian way defines itself; the republican discourses under the monarchy and under fascism. Reconstructing the history of a century from that specific perspective, between the failure of the republican model at the time of the Unity and its victory after World War II, can account for Italy's difficulties – even today – to face its past.