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À la croisée des interprétations

Edited by Raffaele Carbone, Chantal Jaquet, Pierre-François Moreau

La croisée des chemins

At the Crossroads of Interpretations

The relationship between Spinoza's and Malebranche's philosophies has rarely been approached head-on in a speculative comparison which explores both the ontology and theory of knowledge and ethics and politics. This book offers new research on this subject by presenting both a side-by-side examination of the two systems and a study of how they have been jointly received throughout history. Firstly, it provides an overview of the issue by locating the two authors in relation to Cartesian heritage and by re-establishing polemical discussions on the subject of Malebranche’s Spinozism. Secondly, unlike certain historiographical approaches that have studied the relationship between the two authors mainly through the prism of Cartesian heritage, this volume examines other avenues and makes new comparisons to explore hitherto less-studied essential aspects of the two philosophies and their reception.