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Mussolini socialiste : littérature et religion

Mussolini socialiste : littérature et religion

I. Anthologie de textes, 1900-1918

Edited by Stéphanie Lanfranchi, Élise Varcin

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Socialist Mussolini : Literature and Religion
I. Anthology of Texts, 1900-1918)

This two-volume anthology of texts by Benito Mussolini on literature and religion is the outcome of a several-year long project, carried out by a team of translators and researchers at the ENS of Lyon. The present volume offers a wide range of selected texts and speeches written between the end of Mussolini's youth and Summer 1918, when he officially severed his ties with socialism.

The aim of this anthology is not only to offer French readers a philologically and historically rigorous translation, but also to make accessible a corpus of largely unknown texts, chosen from Mussolini's extensive collection, and which, for the most part, had never yet been translated into French. These texts show the importance of literature and religion in Mussolini's upbringing and political thought, thus enabling us to reconsider the role of culture and of political liturgies in the study of Italian totalitarianism.