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Littératures francophones

Littératures francophones

Parodies, pastiches, réécritures

Edited by Lise Gauvin, Cécile Van den Avenne, Véronique Corinus, Ching Selao


At a time when questions are being asked about the fate of languages in the context of globalisation, thought needs to be given to the conditions of existence of Francophone literatures and how they interrelate, as well as how they coexist with better established and older literatures, such as French literature. Francophone literatures share the common trait of being young literatures whose writers, placed in "culture contact" situations, find themselves at the “crossroads of languages”. The idea of a palimpsest takes on particular importance, referring to the position of these literatures on the global stage and the models available to the writer to express his/her situation.
To what extent does the hybridity which francophone writers must face lead to “forced poetics”, in the words of Glissant, or the invention of new forms of literary expression? What aesthetics are therefore involved? Using examples drawn from Quebecois, Belgian, Caribbean and African literature, this volume examines the forms and challenges of pastiche, parody and rewriting in the iconic texts of the contemporary literary scene, which they help to explain.