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RDST, n°17/2018

Chercheurs en didactique, enseignants et formateurs : perspectives et collaborations

Edited by Karine Bécu-Robinault, Christine Couture

RDST - Recherches en didactique des sciences et des technologies

Researchers, teachers and teacher-trainers in science and technology education : perspectives and collaborations

Numerous researches in the field of science and technology education aim to work with and for the actors of the education system. In this perspective, collaborative projects offer either the opportunity to make available to the teaching community the results of specific research projects or to integrate the specific experiential knowledge. However, the research results, even if based on a praxeological approach, cannot be directly transposed into practice. The integration of knowledge from research and knowledge from practice also presents significant challenges. It is therefore interesting to see how researchers, teachers and teacher-trainers manage to work together with the intention of building bridges between research, practice and training. This file presents examples of collaborations involving researchers, teachers and teacher-trainers in different contexts of training and research. These contributions reflect the challenge of translating research results into didactics in practice. It is an opportunity to study how actors position themselves with the intention of linking practice and research, how the expertise of each other is recognized and how it is put to use. The three articles in this dossier illustrate the complexity of a relationship between practice and research contributing to the training and professional development of teachers, as well as to the development of research in the field of didactic.