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RDST, n°15/2017

Connaissances professionnelles didactiques pour l'enseignement des sciences et des technologies

Edited by Merce Izquierdo, Isabelle Kermen

RDST - Recherches en didactique des sciences et des technologies

Didactical professional knowledge for sciences and technologies education

The theme of this issue addresses the knowledge needed to teach a topic-specific subject, in short didactical professional knowledge, and aims at specifying the relationship with pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), a concept well-known in English literature. The aim is to make an inventory of French studies that deal with didactical knowledge involved by teachers at work when teaching sciences or technologies. The purpose is to describe this knowledge, characterize its development or promote it. Three groups of questions were asked to the contributors:

The first one centred on the constitution of didactical professional knowledge, on its relationship with PCK and the dissemination of this research theme among didactics of sciences and technologies.

The second one centred on the methods used to access didactical professional knowledge

The third one focused on teacher training, its conditions and contents.

The three papers of this issue deal with experienced teachers in French in school, in secondary education and university. They deal with knowledge held by a community which is to be built by people (issue of the training) and personal knowledge that the researcher aims at eliciting (issue of the knowledge development with professional practice).