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Repères, n°63/2021

Repères, n°63/2021

La place de la vulgarisation dans la culture professionnelle des enseignants

Edited by Sylvie Plane, Fanny Rinck

Repères - Recherches en didactique du français langue maternelle

Popularisation in the professional culture of teachers

This issue of Repères focuses on popularisation in a context where the teaching and learning of French is the subject of heterogeneous, cacophonous and sometimes contradictory discourses, where the boundaries between the figures of the scholar, the expert, or the informed practitioner are blurred, and where the legitimacy of science must face the fact that it can be used as a fallacious guarantee. Thus, the question of popularisation is approached in terms of mediation, transmission and appropriation through the circulation of discourses. The forms, uses, reception and production of popularisation are used to examine discourses, discourses on practices and practices. The contributions enable us to characterise popularisation and examine its influence in terms of its acceptance by teachers, and how valuable it is considered to be in guiding their actions. The articles examine how the professional culture is built inside and outside teacher education. Finally, they emphasise the involvement of researchers in the development of training strategies. This issue provides an opportunity to reconsider the teaching of French and teacher education.