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RDST, n°19/2019

Interdisciplinarités : rencontres entre les disciplines, enjeux, dispositifs, freins et leviers

Edited by Valérie Munier, Jean-Marc Lange

RDST - Recherches en didactique des sciences et des technologies

Interdisciplinarity: confluence of disciplines, issues, devices, obstacles and levers

In a context where academic research issues and practices are shaking up the boundaries between disciplines and where educational institutions promote interdisciplinarity and multiply interdisciplinary devices, this issue aims to present current research in science and technology teaching concerning the confluence of disciplines.

After a first part developing the evolutions of academic research and of the scholar institution, the introductory article shows how the issue of interdisciplinarity, the way in which the links between disciplines are seen, are linked to the aims assigned to science education, with two contrasting but not conflicting potential orientations for training : an epistemological and a citizen orientation.

The contributions of the thematic section of the review take different positions on these two orientations regarding the aims assigned to science teaching and in relation to the aims of interdisciplinarity. They articulate epistemological reflections and analyses of interdisciplinary devices in classroom and teacher training.

Valérie Munier
lien IdRef : 06915001X


Valérie Munier, Nathalie Magneron
Aster, n° 047/2009
Mesure et instrumentation dans l'enseignement scientifique