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Journal : RDST - Recherches en didactique des sciences et des technologies

RDST is the result of the merging together of the research journals Aster and Didaskalia. With two issues a year comprising a project and a variety of articles, RDST is establishing itself as a French-language reference journal for research into the didactics of science and technology. The journal contributes to the production of didactic knowledge by providing a place for scientific debate about the teaching and learning of science and technology (from nursery school to university), the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge and teacher-training in these fields.

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Manuel Bächtold, Magali Fuchs-Gallezot
RDST, n°28/2023
Esprit critique et enseignement des sciences et des technologies
Critical thinking and science and technology education
In a context of strong institutional pressure to practise and develop critical thinking in the teaching of science and technology, the RDST editorial board felt it appropriate to examine research in the field of science and technology education on this subject.

Nicolas Décamp, Denise Orange-Ravachol
RDST, n°27/2023
L'évaluation et l'enseignement des sciences et des technologies
Assessment and teaching of science and technologies
The question of evaluation is particularly present and lively in educational systems. Yet, paradoxically, it does not appear to be a subject of primary importance in science and technology education research. This issue of RDST attempts to take stock of what this research has to say on this subject.

Eric Bruillard, Martine Paindorge
RDST, n°26/2022
Les ressources pour l'enseignement des sciences et des technologies
Resources for science and technology education
This issue is interesting to a didactic approach to the educational resources that science or technology teachers use or design. Three articles focus on the work that teachers do on and with resources and the perception they have of them.

David Cross, Isabelle Kermen

Laurence Maurines, Patricia Marzin-Janvier
RDST, n°24/2021
L'enseignement et l'apprentissage des sciences et des technologies dans l'enseignement supérieur
Teaching and learning science and technologies in higher education
When teaching science in higher education is facing important challenges and is undergoing profound changes, and when it is the focus of questioning by both practitioners and educational researchers, this issue returns to an order of education in which didactics has been interested since its emergence.

Patrice Venturini, Jean-Marie Boilevin
RDST, n°23/2021
État des recherches sur la formation des enseignants de sciences et de technologies
State of research on science and technology teacher education
No one disputes the need today for lifelong learning to cope with the quick changes in our societies and their ever-increasing complexity. Science and technology teachers are no exception to this, and their training partly conditions the gration of their pupils into the society in which they will live. This issue is devoted to this aspect.

Joël Bisault, Yann Lhoste
RDST, n°22/2020
Les sciences et les technologies pour les élèves de 2 à 6 ans
Science and technology education for 2 to 6 year olds
Research on the scientific and technological education of very young pupils has been developing significantly in recent years in France and in other countries. However, this research is still limited compared to that on older pupils. The articles provide some answers in these three directions, and also point to questions that are still open;

Joël Lebeaume, Abdelkarim Zaid, Nathalie Magneron
RDST, n°21/2020
Contenus et curricula
Contents and curricula
Curricular issues hold a paradoxical position within research in science and technology didactics.The articles in this special issue offer an overview, and aim to identify some characteristics, of didactic questions from various curricular perspectives.

Cécile (de) Hosson, Christian Orange
RDST, n°20/2019
Les résultats des recherches en didactique des sciences et des technologies : quelle validité et à quelles conditions ?
Research results in science and technology didactics: which validity and under which conditions?

Valérie Munier, Jean-Marc Lange
RDST, n°19/2019
Interdisciplinarités : rencontres entre les disciplines, enjeux, dispositifs, freins et leviers
Interdisciplinarity: confluence of disciplines, issues, devices, obstacles and levers
In a context where academic research issues and practices are shaking up the boundaries between disciplines and where educational institutions promote interdisciplinarity and multiply interdisciplinary devices, this issue aims to present current research in science and technology teaching concerning the confluence of disciplines.

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