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Journal : RDST - Recherches en didactique des sciences et des technologies

RDST is the result of the merging together of the research journals Aster and Didaskalia. With two issues a year comprising a project and a variety of articles, RDST is establishing itself as a French-language reference journal for research into the didactics of science and technology. The journal contributes to the production of didactic knowledge by providing a place for scientific debate about the teaching and learning of science and technology (from nursery school to university), the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge and teacher-training in these fields.

• 2 issues per year
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Eric Bruillard, Vassilis Komis, Thérèse Laferrière
RDST, n°6/2012
TIC et apprentissage des sciences : promesses et usages

RDST, n°4/2011
Le temps et l'espace

Cécile (de) Hosson, Patricia Schneeberger
RDST, n°3/2011
Didactique des sciences et histoire des sciences

Virginie Albe, Christian Orange
RDST, n°2/2011
Sciences des scientifiques et sciences scolaires

Yves Girault, Yann Lhoste
RDST, n°1/2010
Opinions et savoirs

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