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Claude Raffestin, Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary
Bibliothèque idéale des sciences sociales
Raffestin thus makes a major contribution to the social sciences as a whole by defining territoriality as a form of spatial mediation of social relations. The importance which he places on the degree of autonomy which exists between the perception and the construction of power relations is the expression of a committed geography.

Marie Morelle
Yaoundé carcérale
Carceral Geography of Yaoundé
Géographie d'une ville et de sa prison
Geography of a city and its own prison
Sociétés, Espaces, Temps
This book is about the daily life in the Yaoundé Central Prison. It crosses urban, social and political approaches of geography, from an object barely studied by the discipline. It is the result of a research conducted since 2010.

Chantal Verdeil
Histoire de l'éducation, n°148/2017
Histoire de l'éducation au Moyen-Orient de la fin du XIXe siècle à nos jours
History of Education in the Middle East (19th-20th century)
This special issue "History of education in the Middle East from the end of the 19th century to the present day" aims to present current research trends to scholars unfamiliar with this cultural area. It focuses on the contents taught in various institutions and on the vocational education.

Julien Nègre
L'arpenteur vagabond
The Surveyor and the Saunterer
Cartes et cartographies dans l'œuvre de Henry David Thoreau
Maps and Mapping in Henry David Thoreau's writings
This book explores the role played by maps and mapping in the writings of Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau was a professional surveyor and he had a deep and intimate knowledge of the history of cartography and of mapping practices. This work is based on a thorough archival investigation to locate and identify the maps that Thoreau used.

Veronica Gomez-Temesio
L'État sourcier
Eau et politique au Sénégal
Gouvernement en question(s)

Valérie Bonnet, Albane Geslin
Mots. Les langages du politique, n°119/2019
Les mots de l'écologie
The words of ecology
The present collection of articles sheds light on the vibrant research field of discourse analysis on ecological and environmental controversies, which includes studies of lexicon, discourse and argument. The articles analyze several controversies (on fracking, geothermics or planning projects) as well as the citizens' perception of the future.

Patrick Awondo
Le sexe et ses doubles
(Homo)sexualités en postcolonie
Sociétés, Espaces, Temps
This book examines the emergence of homosexuality as a political subject and mode of subjectivation in the African context. This is the first ethnographic treatment of the rise of homosexual militancy in French-speaking Africa. The book historicizes this rejection of homosexuality by articulating it to the local homosexual culture of repression.

Jean-Marie Fournier, Valérie Raby, Aimée Lahaussois
Hommage à Bernard Colombat
Festschrift for Bernard Colombat

Loïc Bonneval, François Robert
De la rente immobilière à la finance. La Société de la rue Impériale (Lyon, 1854-2004)
From real estate rent to finance. The Société de la rue Impériale (Lyon, 1854-2004)
Sociétés, Espaces, Temps
This book is about the real estate company that built, owned and managed the buildings the most famous street in Lyon, the "rue de la république", from the XIXth Century to the beginning of the XXth Century. Thanks to this original configuration in France, it is possible to link the story of a company and the story of an urban space.

Margot Beal
Des champs aux cuisines. Histoires de la domesticité en Rhône et Loire, 1848-1940
From fields to kitchens. Histories of domestic labor, Rhône and Loire, 1848-1940
Sociétés, Espaces, Temps
This book on paid domestic work in Mid 19th to mid 20th century France bears more specifically on the Rhône and Loire region.

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