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Hugues Constantin de Chanay, Yannick Chevalier, Laure Gardelle
Mots. Les langages du politique, n°113/2017
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How to Write the Gender
Equal rights for men and women, regularly reaffirmed by the regulations and feminist demands, requires a political speech, involving a balanced gender representation. How concretely put into practice, in France, in the absence of strong institutional recommendations?

Philippe Audegean, Christian Del Vento, Pierre Musitelli, Xavier Tabet
Le bonheur du plus grand nombre
The Happiness of the Greatest Number
Beccaria et les lumières
Beccaria and the Enlightenment
La croisée des chemins
This book examines the way On Crimes and Punishments (1764) gave birth to modern criminal law and paved the long road towards the abolition of the death penalty and torture in Europe. Written by prominent Beccaria scholars, the seventeen chapters provide interdisciplinary perspectives: , it furthers our understanding culture of today's world.

Xavier Pons, Marianne Woolven, Valérie Lincot, Caroline Brottet-Aiello, Hélène Buisson-Fenet, Olivier Rey
Entretiens Ferdinand Buisson

Éric Méchoulan
Lire avec soin
Reading with Care
Amitié, justice, médias
Friendship, Justice, and medias
Perspectives du care
How do you think about this experience of reading? The author reinserts this question to a reflection on justice as attention to the other and on the media as a connection; Hence a conception of reading as care and care, according to a friendly model whose history it recalls in connection with the development of the printed media.

Irina Paperno, Aurélien Langlois
Tchernychevski et l'âge du réalisme
Chernyshevsky and the Age of Realism
Essai de sémiotique des comportements
Essay on the Semiotics of Behavior

Nicolas Fischer
Le territoire de l'expulsion
La rétention administrative des étrangers et l'État de droit dans la France contemporaine
Gouvernement en question(s)
This research describes the daily organization of immigration detention centers which are now used in France.The author combines archival work and ethnographic observation to describe the origins, contemporary enforcement and unexpected social effects of this tension between repression and legal protection.