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Mathilde Provansal, Christine Détrez
Artistes mais femmes
Artists but women
Une enquête sociologique dans l'art contemporain
A sociological investigation in contemporary art
Perspectives genre
Women artists are less visible than men artists on the contemporary art market. Yet, they are in the majority in art schools. How can we explain this paradox? This book offers a new perspective on gender inequalities in artistic careers by examining the career paths of the graduates of a prestigious French school of visual arts.

Laurine Thizy, Justine Vincent, Sinem Gunes, Irem Nihan Balci, Christine Détrez
Les usages sociaux de l'argument biologique en santé
Social uses of the biological argument in health
Sociétés, Espaces, Temps
This book, is based on ethnographic field studies deals with the phenomena of "biologization" in the field of health, i.e. with all situations where biological causality prevails in the explanation of human health, to the detriment of other interpretations. To what ends, and with what effects?

Georges Liénard, Émile Servais, Stéphane Bonnery
Capital culturel et inégalités sociales
Cultural capital and social inequalities.
Morales de classes et destinées sociales
Class morals and social destinies
Bibliothèque idéale des sciences sociales
The (re)publication in the Bibliothèque Idéale des Sciences Sociales (Bi2S) of the work of Georges Liénard and Émile Servais finally brings to the attention of the scientific community an unjustly unknown investigation.The new preface by Stéphane Bonnéry, underline its precursory character for the sociology of education and children.

Patricia Champy-Remoussenard, sylvain Starck
Recherche et formation, n°97/2021
Comment et pourquoi l'éducation à l'esprit d'entreprendre questionne l'évolution du système éducatif français ?
How and why entrepreneurship education questions the evolution of the French education system
The issue questions the forms and challenges of the development of entrepreneurship education and the transformations that its implementation implies for the education system and its actors (discourses, skills, activities, professionalism).

François Allisson, Nicolas Brisset
Aux origines du capitalisme
The origins of capitalism
Robert Brenner et le marxisme politique
Robert Brenner and political Marxism
The book presents the debates on the emergence of capitalism, known as the Brenner debate, after the American historian Robert Brenner, who played a central role in it. This controversy is placed in the history of Marxist debates concerning the transition from feudalism to capitalism from Marx to the present.

Anne Alombert
Penser l'humain et la technique
Simondon et Derrida après la métaphysique
La croisée des chemins

Lucile Ruault
Le spéculum, la canule et le miroir
Speculum, cannula and mirror
Avorter, entre appropriations féministe et médicale (MLAC, 1972-1984)
Abortion: between feminist and medical appropriations (MLAC, 1972-1984)
Perspectives genre
This book proposes a sociohistory of the social control of women's bodies from the perspective of the mobilizations for free abortion from 1972 to 1984 in France. It examines the medicalization of a procedure through the exclusion of lay women and at the same time the feminist appropriation of abortion knowledge.

Julien Debonneville
Maid in the Philippines
Recruter, fabriquer, exporter l'altérité servile
The making of otherness
De l'Orient à l'Occident
At the crossroads of Sociology of migration, Sociology of work, Postcolonial studies and Gender studies, this book analyzes how these processes of Othering affect the mobilities of Filipina domestic workers.This research thus shows how this figure of Otherness if the result of transnational dynamics, and moreover, is connected to a colonial history

Lydie Heurdier
Histoire de l'éducation, n°159/2023
Regards historiques sur 40 ans de politique d'éducation prioritaire en France (1981-2020)
Historical perspectives on 40 years of priority education policy in France (1981-2020)
Priority education is 40 years old. All actors in urban and rural areas had to mobilize, work in inter-degrees and in partnership to fight school failure. The complexity and diversity of this education policy with a social purpose is reflected in contributions based on local sources.

Julien Auboussier, Milena Doytcheva, Aude Seurrat, Nicanor Tatchim
Mots. Les langages du politique, n°131/2023
La diversité en discours : contextes, formes et dispositifs
Diversity discourses: contexts, forms and systems
This dossier explores a critical approach to "diversity" in its discursive and linguistic dimensions. It debates the meaning of "diversity", the different conceptions it encompasses, its uses, specific variations, in connection with the actors' strategies and in a plurality of enunciation contexts.

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