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Éric Méchoulan
Lire avec soin
Reading with Care
Amitié, justice et médias
Friendship, justice, and medias
Perspectives du care
How do you think about this experience of reading? The author reinserts this question to a reflection on justice as attention to the other and on the media as a connection; Hence a conception of reading as care and care, according to a friendly model whose history it recalls in connection with the development of the printed media.

Nicolas Fischer
Le territoire de l'expulsion
Land of the Deported.
La rétention administrative des étrangers et l'État de droit en France
Immigration Detention and the Rule of Law in Contemporary France
Gouvernement en question(s)
This research describes the daily organization of immigration detention centers which are now used in France.The author combines archival work and ethnographic observation to describe the origins, contemporary enforcement and unexpected social effects of this tension between repression and legal protection.

Robert Nicolaï
Signifier. Essai sur la mise en signification
Parcours dans l'espace épistémique et dans l'espace communicationnel ordinaire

Chloé Gaboriaux
Mots. Les langages du politique, n°114/2017
Le rapport, entre description et recommandation
The report, between the description and the recommendation

Étienne Bourdon
La forge gauloise de la nation
Forging the nation ahead with the Gauls
Ernest Lavisse et la fabrique des ancêtres
Ernest Lavisse and the making of ancestors
Sociétés, Espaces, Temps
The book examines the construction of discourse of "Our ancestors the Gauls" in an history of knowledge approach. It highlights the differences between the archaeological and historical research and the making of the Gauls in an educational context. The character appears as a response to identity issues of the new born Third Republic.

Béatrice Bijon, Claire Delahaye
Les fondamentaux du féminisme anglo-saxon