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Christian Plantin
Dictionnaire de l'argumentation
Dictionary of Argumentation Terms
Une introduction aux études d'argumentation
An Introduction to Argumentation Studies
In the Dictionary, argumentation is presented simultaneously as a linguistic, social and critical activity, used both to explore and to justify issues arising in ordinary life, as well as theoretical and practical issues within specialised fields.

Violaine Anger
"Sonate, que me veux-tu ?"
"Sonate, what do you mean to me ?"
Pour penser une histoire du signe
Elements to a history of the sign
How can a music signify without text ? Instead of having a definite perspective, the book reconstructs the debates that happened. It elaborates families of thought and integrates the problem of the performer. Thus it opens the way to a comparative analysis of the styles, in their relation to an anthropology.

Robert Vinsonneau, Sylvain Cassonnet, Claude Borgel
Suivi télématique de stages en entreprise
(classes de baccalauréat professionnel)