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Fernand Deligny et la philosophie

Fernand Deligny et la philosophie

Un étrange objet

Pierre-François Moreau, Michaël Pouteyo

La croisée des chemins

Fernand Deligny and Philosophy
A strange object

The school on the rue de la Brèche-aux-Loups, the Asylum in Armentières, adolescents placed under the care of justice in Lille, the network of La Grande Cordée, autistic people in the living areas of the Cévennes: for more than sixty years, Deligny has built a body of work around children on the fringes. A work that inextricably links theory and practice, opportunities and attempts, writing and cinema. Not so much to help these children fall into line or adapt, but to build with them conditions of existence, outside or through institutions.

His path crosses philosophy insistently: because he reads philosophers, discusses their theses, sometimes dialogues directly with them; because philosophers, more and more, discover themselves questioned by this itinerary, these writings, these detours. By a thought of both the immutable and the circumstantial; by a look that turns out – in an unusual sense – to be deeply and differently political.