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Laboratoire italien. Politique et société, n°17/2016

Textes et documents au temps des Guerres d'Italie : Alciato, Gagliano, Guicciardini, Machiavel, Sforza

Laboratoire italien

For the first time, Laboratoire italien publishes a full issue on unknown texts. These five written footsteps of a unique historical moment (the first thirty years of 16th century) are written by actors of the political life of their time and they all include a perception of radical changes that happened in the so-called "Italian Wars" (1494-1559): Philargyrus, an unknown comedy by Alciato; some ricordi included in his “Libro dei debitori e creditori” by Giuliano da Gagliano; few letters about the “Tumulto del Venerdì” (a brief riot against Medici in april 1527, some weeks before the fall of Medici); an unknown and very important autograph text by Machiavel about a a proposal for a constitutional reform (november 1512), and, last but not least, two diplomatic letters written in autumn of 1526 by Francesco II Sforza, duke of Milan.