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Lectures de Michel Foucault

3. Sur les Dits et écrits

3. Sur les "Dits et écrits"

This volume is undoubtedly one of the first works to address the multitude of revisions, explanations and insights collected together in Michel Foucault's Dits et écrits, in 1994. How should one read this survey, which also provides frequent off-the-cuff commentary on the intellectual activity of Michel Foucault ?
The apparent heterogeneity of the many articles, speeches and interviews, which cover approximately thirty years, reveals a number of lasting threads and some milestones which remained to be discovered. The unique quality of literary work, anthropology, the genealogy of subjectivity, Baudelaire and Kant, the axes of historical experience - these are just some of the methods of further clarifying the way in which, using archived and current material, these four volumes create links between history and current intervention, be it political, literary or philosophical.